not so dreadful


Nampa, other than the fact it is a long ass drive to where I need to be; its an okay clinic. I was not happy when I was ‘asked’ to be checkin. I was not looking forward to working with women that did nothing but bitch moan and complain all day. Well it appears that the person that was the source of all the discontent had left and I really don’t have anything to worry about. And I know for a fact that the LPN was very wary of me because the problem child had put a bug in her ear about me. Me and problem child had a problem. I made the mistake one time by asking the manager why problem child didn’t do something like her coworkers. I had inadvertently opened a huge can of worms. It was payback up until she left. geez I don’t miss her. Now the hilarious part; LPN wants me permanently on her team. I am flattered and it would solve some problems. But? I have a few fans back in the Caldwell office. Cracks me up but I seem to be a hot commodity. It makes my Caldwell co-workers sad when I don’t get to work with them. How do I know? They are more than happy to tell me this.

Today? I don’t have to go in to work. I have a hair appointment in Boise. I was asked to come in to a meeting today. A meeting that would last 30 minutes. um no. Even if I didn’t have a prior engagement, I would have said no.

My new phone. Well I am getting used to having a smart phone. It is weird that I have to kind of monitor it for texts. But now that I have pretty much blew off an early morning text until late that same night? I will monitor the stupid phone. Plus? I deleted a bunch of apps; Facebook being the first one to go. I get facebook on my computer and kindle. So I get enough of that. But facebook was blowing up my phone. Every time someone would update their status, my phone would go off. Believe me I tried all kinds of things to turn off the notification, which is probably why I didn’t see the text. I do however ignore texts from my manager. Especially since she tossed out the threat of writing us up if we are found with our phones during work hours. um ya wanna get ahold of me? call or email. My phone during work hours is in a desk drawer silently waiting for my attention.

2 dump runs later


Yep, I don’t care if the arborvitae make it or not at this point. The invisible neighbor can just suck it. He totally ruined ‘his side’ by trimming. It was completed dead and the branches were full of dead fall. Jerk. So he can just look at the butchered mess until it decides to croak or not. I can plant flowers. And he won’t get any shade. You know? I have been wanting to put shrubs on the other side of the yard, so I could have shade. Vindictive, not really just tired of people’s stupidity.

It took me several hours to cut and haul away all those branches. I am sore as heck today. I am so out of shape. No that’s not right, I have a shape. Its just not the one I want. But I figure I will be spending more time outside fixing stuff up, burn off some winter fat. The dump! It must have been Gem county day. Lines to get in, Lines to get out. Um they might want to consider opening up another lane. Oh well, its not like we need to be anywhere. After the big pruning job, I went into the house and made loaded nachos. I had all the fixins’, even some taco meat I had frozen. So yummy. Then I sat and dozed for the rest of the day. I decided that I had done enough. Hadn’t even cleaned up the yard. That I will do today.

Today? My shoulders hurt, my hips. I am too old for this crap. And you are probably asking why doesn’t the boy help. Well since his heart operations, he has little strength in his hands. ??? I don’t know why. All I know is when he tried to help Rick take down my stove pipe, we had a mess. It was dropped. Still irritates me that they could not wait until I came back into the house. Yeah that is why I had to spend a couple thousand dollars on new carpet. Nope I will do it myself or pay someone else. Because in the end it is gonna cost me one way or another. Does he exercise? Yes he is slowly getting strength back, but better safe (me) than sorry.

Today? After a quick run to the store. I am digging into the garage. Taking out the dead plants I was hoping to save. But the winter being what it was, they all died. So I have lots of planters this year to fill. Gonna clean and put away stuff. What a novel idea. Put stuff away. And my splitting maul has a very nasty case of rust. Not sure how I am going to deal with that, but I think it will involve a 2 liter bottle of coca cola. Plus Butters could do with a grooming. Oh man he smells, he has an erupted growth on the inside of his ear. Doesn’t matter how often it is cleaned. ugh. Just stay down wind you old poop.

Well happy Sunday, I need to go online for my work and find out where I need to be tomorrow.








well I survived the week


I have been having the pleasure of watching how the Nampa office operates. It was an eye opener. Complete opposite of what I have been experiencing in Caldwell. Tuesdays are relatively calm where as in my home office the phones are blowing up. The patients are thick as thieves and there is management cluttering up the works. Fridays? I love them. Not just because they are at the end of the work week. No, in Caldwell we have one doctor. Who is in surgery all morning and then we might see nine patients. Lots of time and quiet to get things done and get ready for the coming week. Nampa? Yikes. The schedule is full. We see about 15 to 20 patients in the morning, a short reprieve at lunch and then 10 or so patients in the afternoon. Doctor will add on patients and have Hannah schedule emergency surgeries. It’s a little wild. And I am so done with working there on Fridays. I think I have earned a little quiet at the end of the week where management might come in for a couple hours then disappear for the rest of the day. Just leave me to make charts, clean up faxes, abstract charts and answer the phones. I was really hoping that the manager would come over and spend the day on Friday, she is under the impression that we are sitting around chatting and spinning in our chairs. When I objected to doing the checkout/surgery scheduling on a Friday in April. She said oh you will be fine, its quiet over there. They don’t do anything. When I shared that statement with the nurse; I thought her head was going to explode. Yeah do come over and spend the day.

So that is what I have been doing all week. I am tired. It didn’t help that we had Day Lights Savings to boot. Such an antiquated thing. Everything changes, could we change that? More daylight means we have more shopping hours? Yeah right.








yeah not gonna happen


I haven’t spoken to Becky in forever. Well like maybe 2 years. So I says howdy on facebook this week and lets together this weekend and visit. This morning? I ain’t feeling it. Yeah I don’t want to. I don’t want to visit with anyone. Except whoever might drop in but not feeling the urge to leave to go see anyone. Sorry. Can’t do it.

This coming week I will be pulling a 5, 8 hours week. My coworker Crystal has gone to Arizona for the next couple days, last I heard she was in Vegas. I told her to smash a penny for me. I have great hopes for her ability to fit right in at work and be a team player. Pick up what someone else isn’t getting to because they are busy as well. Now lets take a look at the other new coworker. Lets call her busy B. She is a 10 year St Luke’s veteran. Which as it turns out, you can’t tell her anything. Nope she knows it all and knows everyone. She doesn’t care for how we do things and lets us know. We are constantly picking up her slack and baby sitting. We go to management with issues and are told to talk to her ourselves because they “don’t want to be seen as mean.” seriously??? Should start a pool on how long she is going to last. Because she is making enemies left and right. Oh how am I getting along with her? Like a house on fire. She was unhappy that I have been working in Nampa. She linked (instant message) me and told me how much she enjoys working with me. Just went on and on with compliments. All I could think was; what is going on over there in the other office? As for Nampa, they like me there as well. Sounds like I am an all around good guy doesn’t it. Yeah that’s me alright. Life of the party and stuff. Which probably explains why I am drained and exhausted once I am home. People drain me; sign of an introvert. I get my energy from baking and more comfortable one on one. Put me in a crowd? I am apt to find the back door and go home.

So the sun is shining and I am probably going to wander out back to check the winter damage. See what plant (all of them) needs to be replaced. stay safe!!!

well because it is all about me


Up at 2:30 yesterday, hell I don’t know why. But I got ready for my day as I had a 7am meeting in Caldwell. geez. Well the bossoruni has a new deal where she puts all who is attending’s name in a basket. Whose ever name is drawn gets a really nice prize. I won. It was a couple of out door decorations that will fit nicely in my yard, thank you very much. What I would have like to have won was a REAL DAY OFF!!! But so what my day began early and I went with it. I went onto Meridian for my prescriptions then down the road for a car wash. Then around the corner to buy groceries, then even further down the road for an oil change. Look at me do stuff on my day off.

Once home and everything put away, I headed for the couch with my laptop. Only to be interrupted by FEDEX, my new phone was here. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I spent the rest of the day activating, transferring contacts and setting up the phone. Its about half the size of my kindle and has a lovely soft green khaki colored protective cover. It sets off the white of the phone quite nicely. I found that I could not transfer phone to phone because old phone was basic. So somewhere in the bowels of verizon they found a list from my very first smart phone and gave me that. So I had to sit and put in all the ones that hadn’t been there and found some of people that I don’t remember (delete) and some that I had deleted and wished that I hadn’t.   Passwords! OI! Because I am on several sites with passwords and I have several (read like 9 or 10)electronics that I log into; it was a joy to get established on yet another one. Had to have my phone at the ready to take codes to insert so I could get back in to my sites. On most I have set up a double password system. I have however gone to one rather long and STRONG password for almost all of  my sites. But need a code texted to me if the electronic is not recognized. Thank you hackers from China.

I can’t really think of any other kind of electronic that I need, pretty much have them all now. That I will no doubt leave in my purse/counter top/car at any given moment. If you want to get in touch with me, just call me at work. If you need that number? Text me.

the mighty huntress


On occasion our young dog Zsazsa would bring into the house a small corpse of some sort. Birds mostly. We would take them away from her and dispose of them then off she would run once more on the lookout for trespassers. The last 2 weeks I have had been harassed by a little mouse. I would clean up his little leavings, throw out chewed up bags and reset the traps that it had sprung. This morning while sitting at my desk and listening to the dogs munch away at their morning kibble, Zsazsa is pitching a little doggy fit. She had cornered the mouse behind the tote that Cola’s bowl sits on. Cola isn’t bothered by Zsazsa’s distress, he keeps munching. Butter’s inhaled his food and went to lay down for his first morning nap. I just let the hunt go on but sometimes getting up to move something. Zsazsa finally got a hold of the mouse and sent it flying into Butter’s wire kennel onto the other side. So here is Zsazsa pawing frantically and making much doggy noise when all at once she is quiet and scurries off down the hall. She had gotten the little critter and I am not really sure what she was going to do next. But I was not in the mood to clean up disemboweled rodent. I hurried to her with a tissue in hand and grabbed it up while praising her prowess. She has been on the prowl ever since probably (hopefully not) following the little mouse’s trail throughout the house. Maybe she is just hunting for more. I will let you know.

I am really excited about getting my new phone. Because I will be able to show pictures of the stuff that I write about. Well that is if I have the phone with me. Today I am off to work a full day in the Nampa office. I will be making a list of supplies that I will need if I am really going to be there every Tuesday for the rest of my life. Set up my own little drawer of things that I can’t seem to live without. My one fear is that someone will take over my cool desk that I have set up in Caldwell. Better keep yer grubby hands to yerself!!!! That’s my wireless mouse thank you very much. Although I did commandeer it from a vacated desk. BUT? Finder’s keeper’s. Mine!

Thank you Carla for the really cool oven mitt. I love it. I am going to take it to work with me today to show Hannah. She is a very nice girl and funny. With the occassional f bomb popping from her mouth.

Stay safe!

bark bark bark


Oh internet you’re so funny. Cold is getting worse. dammit. And I don’t feel like doing anything. Yesterday for lunch I tossed in the rest of the salsa and 3 cans of beans to extend the taco soup. THERE! Generating our own gas. Speaking of which, local gas jumped 20 cents per gallon. wth!

And the hairs on my chin? If we could just figure out how they grow over night, pretty sure we could put Rogaine out of business. I didn’t check my face for a week and got quite a crop. I need to pay someone to check my chin for strays. Here, here is 5 bucks and a pair of tweezers. Take care of that will ya?

I have decided to upgrade my phone. I have been using a basic phone for the last 2 plus years. And I can’t remember why I decided that was all that I needed. But I am missing out on stuff. Like coupons and being able to locate myself when lost, doesn’t happen very often…but. Searching google for movies or being able to play a game while stuck in an elevator. Plus pictures. I want to be able to take a photo and post it on facebook. Virtually impossible to do with my little piece of crap. Or check in when I am out and about with all my friends…if I went out. So those are great excuses and the phone should arrive Wednesday. What kind is it? Its white and shimmery. Samsung? Sounds about right.

I sent my chrome book home with Hannah. Her husband is a computer tech and he cleaned and updated and stood it on its side…Could not find why it was randomly shutting down. In fact it did not shut down once for him. darnit. So then I sent it home with Holly. Holly is taking coding classes and needs a computer. I am going to sell it to her for 50 bucks if she wants it.

If you haven’t figured out, all my electronics serve a purpose for entertaining me. If they do not act the way I think they should? Off with their heads. I should probably donate my phone to the 911 thing. Oh I forget what its called, obviously. But they take phones – re-purpose them and GIVE them to people who can’t afford phones. For safety reasons or its a big fat scam. All I know is there is a donation box down at the police station. Or the box is where you drop off expired medication. Its something. delirious much? No it isn’t the box for donating old reading glasses, no that is at the ER entrance of the hospital. Frankly there are far too many boxes sitting around. Can we have just one big box? Oh that’s a dumpster.