that might not work


So I am seriously rethinking my halloween makeup. I was trying out my eyeliner pencil earlier. BWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Yeah so then I tried the fake eyelashes. OMG!!! They would probably get stuck behind my glasses anyway. So I might just stick to really dark maroon lipstick and very pale foundation. such a dork!

Still baking for the annual bake sale. Today I put together 8 little loaf pans of caramel apple crisp. mmmmm.

I have yet to get dressed today or comb my hair. But tomorrow? Yeah I am going to have to get it together. Young master Cola has a vet appointment. He needs a parvo shot and his teeth cleaned.  Last time I took Butters in they wanted to pull of his teeth. NO!! Granted he might smell better but I absolutely hate the look of a dog without teeth. Tongue all hanging out. Plus he still uses them to crunch his cookies.

I watched a couple foreign films off of netflix. Yay subtitles. Just don’t ask me what they were about. Can’t remember.

I am thinking about going to Seattle for my birthday. Gotta check the work schedule to see who is off.  I don’t want to really do anything while there but hang with the Eclands.  I might have to postpone. Justin pointed out that the over the oven microwave has died. And they cost about the price of a cheap airplane ticket.  decisions decisions. But dammit I am going somewhere. am too


that makes me feel much better


Seems that there was a bit of a kerfluffle at work this week. The big plus? It had nothing to do with me. Which isn’t going to stop me from telling you about it. nonclinical lead was poking her nose around an area that had its own lead. Yep there is a nurses lead and she does her job quite well with her staff and her area. Doesn’t need in any help at all. Doctor stepped out of a room to view an image and it hadn’t been pulled up yet. He complained and my lead jumped in and was going to physically set up a computer station just for this need. Nurse lead told her to reel it in and it would be taken care of without her help. Did my lead listen. Nope, she went to her office and called IT to come out to fix this situation. (I am the fly on the wall at this point). Nurse lead assumed it was finished and went about her business only to find out an hour later she has a tech in her nurses station. This did not bode well for the hapless tech. My lead by this time is keeping her nose clean by staying in her office (where she should have stayed in the first place). Nurse lead comes storming by my desk into the manager’s office, my front row view. “Why the hell won’t she listen to me?” On and on. Described the events that went down. Told manager that the idea for a designated image monitor had been tried last year and was decided it wouldn’t work. And the young miss had better keep her nose out of her station. I think she was in there for like 15 minutes ranting and raving. I lost interest because I was delighted that the scrutiny was pointed in a different direction. My opinion? My lead seems to think she is second in command. Seems to believe that she is over the nurse lead. Who just finished school for her BSN. I am not sure but I think my lead only has a high school education. which is something to consider. Off back to work goes the nurse lead. Almost immediately here comes my lead, who was spouting that she did not appreciate this treatment one bit. At this point I couldn’t hear what was said. Her reply was well I guess I don’t know anything at all. Slam goes the office door. Raised voices up until I had to clock out for home. I slept very well that night.

This is a just change into clean pajamas day. Oh I am puttering around doing stuff. Just not outside stuff. I haven’t combed my hair yet. I gathered up all my roast beef leftovers and have turned it all into Beef stew. And? Rhodes rolls. Yep it was payday as a matter of fact. Sports of all kinds is playing on the television. There is a fire in the fireplace which I am monitoring thank you very much. No dear we don’t need a roaring bonfire. See? It is nice and warm. Who by the way is removing a layer of clothes. well.

i know its here somewhere


I have decided to make sour dough hot cakes tomorrow. I have all the fixins’ and I have been fine tuning the starter (leaving it be) for the last year. It should be ready. It started out as a starter for amish friendship bread. Well I don’t want to make amish friendship bread. I was digging around in my cabinet looking for my hand written or stolen from someone’s magazine recipe collection. I have mom’s handwritten sour dough recipe. What I don’t have anymore is the cookbook mom put together oh so many years ago. Jim borrowed it so his then girl friend could cook him up some of mom’s specials. They broke up and for all I know she burned it in the fire pit out back.  So its not a big deal but it is kind of cool seeing mom’s handwriting. So swoopy and fine.

I have been watching documentaries on the royal family history.  I learned some things. None of which I can use unless asked during a trivial pursuit game. King George could have saved the lives of the Romanov royal family. Yep they were all set to move to England but King G, thought better of it. Thought his royal subjects would revolt or something. So all those kids were assassinated. Pretty harsh. And? All the royal heads of state? They were all related. Weird. Not sure cousins of something I can’t find the energy to track that pedigree. Then Prince Edward, the fella that decided not to become king. Followed his heart and married an ugly divorcee? Yeah that was a long time coming. He had been dragging his heels well before the American arrived on the scene. Pushed his brother into a position he was ill suited for.  To an early death as well which brings us to the current old lady on the throne.  Why did I start checking up on the Windsors? I went and saw the movie ‘Victoria and Abdul’ . I liked this movie and I wanted to see what all the connections were. Too much as Vic and Bertie had like 9 kids. Holy moly! Probably where all the heads to state came from. All inbred of course.  So that is what I have been doing to exercise the grey matter.

Watched a really good show called Sinners staring Jessica Beil. I then had to go onto amazon and buy the book. Good story. I highly recommend it.

Work? I wonder if I could retire. Probably ought to wait some. Health care being what it is or move to Canada, eh?

socially awkward

socially award.png

blah blah blah sports. But hey at least the kid is speaking to me. Some mornings he gets up and wonders around silent for a couple hours. Sweet bliss.

Today? A roast. Carrots. Potatoes. Dry onion soup. mmmmm  I bought ingredients for 10 cup cookies, I think. Maybe it will be 7 cup cookies. We shall see.

I headed over to Boise this morning for the annual KYN. What? KYN. It is know your numbers. Its like a mini physical exam. If I meet the required numbers I get money back on my paycheck. Its the employers way to try and keep the staff healthy. So I met all but one, weight. Yeah. Doubt that I will ever meet that one.  If an employee does not do the KYN activity, he pays 780 more for medical insurance a year. I opt for going for it.  Besides the KYN, there is an entire department called Healthy U. They have all kinds of things like the Weightloss Challenge where you can when money. Or fun runs. They have stuff every month. All kinds of contests, the first year I worked here. I won a cloth lunch box and more but pretty sure all that stuff is in a box somewhere.

Now listen up; always and I mean always take your medication as directed. Just read the freaking print because it is to be taken for a reason. I am sorry the internet is not your doctor. What am I going on about? Well ever since my stomach issue began, I have been trying to manipulate my medication’s directions. um Turns out that I need to follow that damn directions. See some of this stuff is the reason my tummy hurts. So I in my infinite wisdom chose to spread out the times to take. So learn from my mistake!!!

Work? Yeah the scrutiny that is given my job is wearing on me.  The heads of staff have decided to give all the urgent new patients to the doctor on call. Boy my ‘tic’ list is so lopsided. I have nothing for one doctor, 4 for the another, and 18 for the on call doctor.  Shit will hit the fan. I might need to take a vacation. I do have 134 hours saved for time off. What my darling doctors need to realize that there are so many variables when scheduling a human. It is like herding mercury. damn humans anyway



At the top of little freeze out on Emmett road from work I chanced upon a flock of chickens. Now these were really nice chickens as chickens go and the nearest home was about a mile and half back that way. Did someone dump them like an unwanted puppy? Are they escapees? I don’t know as I did not stop nor can I speak chicken. Well actually I can I just don’t know what it is I am saying. Then just past them was a discarded orange safety vest in the middle of the road. Were these two occurrences somehow connected? Who’s to know.

And I know we have new freezeout which is like 40 some years old. Then next to that is old freezeout where little sports cars like to race. So am I assuming correctly the one I drive down is little freezeout? I am so confused.

Evidently I am screwing up the new patient que. huh! So I told the manager and lead that if they want to take the job away and give it to someone else that is fine. I would stick to onbase and check in. They started back pedaling big time. What happened? I managed to schedule a Dr M patient with Dr S as a new patient and there was no paperwork. Tempers were tantrumed and fists were waved in the air. um kids? It isn’t like I did it on purpose. So they asked how could they help me? Well how bout getting on top of the distractions; like the constant ringing phone that I somehow have to answer and all the new people are coming to me to fix their shit. I don’t mind the occasional hey what is this, but seriously you would think I was making LEAD wages. I am not so don’t come to me go to them, ya want to visit? Cool I am down with that. I got no answer but hemming and hawing. Don’t come to me with a problem without a solution. Cuz pointing out a mistake, yeah I learn from it but don’t ask how to help if you aren’t going to.

Thanks for letting me vent. I literally came home and had a glass of wine. It put me to sleep so I got that going for me.

i’m not racist


Got lots done yesterday. Paid bills and ran errands. Stopped at the store for stuff. Then I got back home where I made a HUGE crockpot of taco soup. A layered bean dip and then tried my hand at apple caramel crisp. The crisp did not turn out like I  had hoped. The caramel melted clean into straight sugar, so no caramel taste. Sweet enough to make yer teeth hurt! So while everything was cooking I started laundry and vacuuming. I was literally a whirling dervish of activity. Oh I would sit and play on the computer in between bouts, but then I would be off again. Heck I even got my yard mowed.

Today? I am heading out the back door to tidy up. The plants are all still going strong but I am putting away the yard art and taking down the awning. Let the sun in. Probably go through the shed for things to throw out. I still have the boxes for my televisions. Pretty sure I can let them go. I was hanging onto them for my moving episode. I got over that but didn’t get rid of the boxes. I had put them up in the top of the shed. Time to go cardboard.

I would like this to happen at my funeral:

‘CLAP CLAP’ stomp ‘CLAP CLAP’ stomp ‘CLAP CLAP’ stomp ‘CLAP CLAP’ stomp   until the entire congregation joins in. Then,   WE WILL WE WILL MISS YOU.

I think its all about color. I was quite satisfied with a ‘black’ president. Oh I didn’t agree with him all the time but he was nice to look at plus I loved his voice. But I think there were a lot of folks totally horrified with the situation. Pull out your hair crazy.  Now? Because those people didn’t like ‘political people’ ? They decided to vote a business man into the office. um No you didn’t you voted an orange clown into the office.  just sayin

I think I will give Butter’s feet a trim and give him a bath. Pretty sure he smells like what a  zombie smells like.

This weekend is the annual bring out whatever did not sell over the last 12 months festival. Main street is blocked off with people selling stuff. Food vendors. Hay rides. Then you got your old timey people and their set up on the sports island. Every once in awhile I hear a cannon go off, probably shooting the frogs. I would walk up there but I don’t want to. Yep gonna stay right here. But hey? You can go but please bring back some of that kettle corn.

slightly damaged


The only reason I log on to facebook is the games. I have tried my hand at mahjong and solitaire. Now I am into blowing up shiny cartoon jewels. And one thing I have noticed is when I fail to achieve the goal, the animated character has a really sad face. Yep go ahead try again but I am really really sad. Perhaps you could continue if you would only purchase more tokens….whats your account number? Onward to yet another colorful game where I match the same colored block. Its just me keeping the brain matter supple.

My work wife Lois, she is the other person to work the new patient que. Lois’s brother in law died over the weekend. He had gone in to the ER for abdomen pain and was found to have a mass on his bladder. He chose to not treat it. Lois was very mad at him.  This happened in a matter of months. He wouldn’t even let them remove the mass, told her he was ready to go. He lived alone and was in his mid 70s. She said he a kind of miserable turd but family.  There is a possibility that she won’t be at work next week. Which means I will shoulder the entire que and I am fine with that but monday? Monday I am off on an adventure with mom. I found a couple different movies we could choose from to watch. One has Judy Dench in it. I think I might like that one.  So back at work. The manager is still in the wilds of Hawaii and won’t be back until Tuesday. So this means that responsibility will go to the lead. Its my way of training her I think or my way of being a shit. You decide.

One of the many things that irritate me about the lead; she spends all this time socializing and sending cards to our patients. Now the card thing is a nice gesture but seriously? Could you work the error registration que? Or learn how check in is done correctly? Or new patients. Follow all the steps instead of just the ones you want to follow. She will take an hour lunch to go shopping for birthday decorations for one of the staff. Leaving training and cover to Nicole her ‘co-Lead’. Yep they picked my gullible little buddy to work the parts of the position that social girl doesn’t want to do.  Oh yes and decorating the office is a biggie. If a wall is blank and it annoys her, all of a sudden you find that a picture was ordered and hung on the offending wall. Why she hasn’t put pillows on the seats out in the waiting room is beyond me.

Some thoughts to ponder as I spend my day doing the usual.