what me worry?


Yesterday we had all been called in for a meeting. So Caldwell was where I went. Today is Administrative assistant day, so me and my cohorts got a little tin bucket full of goodies with tags with fun sayings. Like ‘thanks a latte’ on a starbucks drink. Clever. Then we got down to brass tacks. We were told no more gossiping. BUT? The door is always open. One of the nurse said that was nice, but she had gone to her Lead to voice a concern and was later turned in for gossiping. So this was not helpful. It’s like going to your priest and confessing a crime then turned into the police. Not fair people.

Then it was pointed out that Busy B was not at the meeting. My heart raced. Did she quit or get struck by lightening? No she took a freaking sabbatical. The hell. She is out for the month with a family emergency. Her job is covered under the program (not FMLA) that she is using. If she chooses to continue to be absent, then the boss can kick her to the curb. And I don’t have to remind you that tomorrow is Joanna’s last day. So guess who is running the front? I was told that I might have to work 5 days each week until we get relief. I think if this little item is brought up again, I will let my manager know that I will do that as long as the lead is working 5 days as well. But I prefer to look on the bright side of things. I won’t have to drive all over Treasure Valley to work at the other clinics. I won’t have to scan piles of paper into the system. Nor abstract charts that come in from storage. Plus? I seem to be losing weight. nice.

Finally heard from my pal Steve. He sounded irritated that I hadn’t texted. Um, big guy. Last I heard you were busy conferring with cardiology and would let me know what the plan is on your healthcare. The guy is under a lot of stress, he had been frequenting the courthouse for his daughter’s trial. Didn’t I see this on the hallmark channel. crazy.

So I am going to gather up my taco meat/slow cooker. Drop that off at the clinic. Then head over to the Nampa hospital for labs, bone scan, and mammogram. Get stuff done while I can.

You? Take it easy. Worrying causes wrinkles.

best walking companion

worst spa

Cola was quite popular yesterday. Everyone wanted to pet the doggie. Most of whom asked first. Good people! Yesterday was a bit nippy, so when they handed me the t-shirt, I put it on Cola. I had to tie a knot on it so it wouldn’t drag. That’s when the photo sessions started. He will no doubt appear on either the hospital or ymca website maybe both. He can’t give autographs but we are prepared to give a muddy paw print. When we crossed the finish line, I heard several people call out, “Way to go Cola, good job.” A celebrity is born.

I went to bed quite early last night and slept hard. When I woke up I was ready for the day, only to realize it was just 10:30pm. geez

Today I am going to play catch up and cook/bake/make a mess in the kitchen. Stop at the store for supplies and wander outside to pick up out back. I keep hoping for some time to get ready for spring but it is just going to have to wait.

Gary and Carol have been fixing Hazel house  from the renter/destroyer. Carol says once it is done it will go on the market. They would like to move back in and down size but the neighborhood has turned into a freak show and they really don’t want that.

Alright then I am off to tear up some browned hamburger for taco meat. You go and think about goats in pajamas. Go ahead, it will be a pleasant activity.

bluntly said


Actually I woke up at my usual. I know doubt looked similar to bugs. But Cola and I successfully made it thru the 5k. I however peed my pants. This is what I know. There is a water station midpoint of the race. There is not a WC. So we didn’t stay long after it was over. Although I did stop for a baked potato, after all I was in black stretchy pants who would know and I was hungry. zoom home and ta freaking da??? Laundry. I am destroyed. You would think by the way I am feeling that I crawled those 3+ miles.  No I was literally dragged for 66 minutes. 66 minutes or so my phone tells me. I did have the pleasure of my manager’s company for most of those miles. I am not sure where the rest of my crew was, home in bed probably.

Carol stopped by on her way to Hazel street. She is going to paint some doors. I love her. We had a couple glasses of wine and bitched for a couple of hours. A much needed activity if you were she or me. This solves all manner of things most of which is  blowing off steam so it doesn’t come up later towards the innocent. Yeah so we solved some world problems and we have gone to carry on in our own little worlds. May you each have a friend as great as my friend Carol. You should be so lucky! Yeah so as you probably can deduce, just a little pie eyed here. Not feeling so destroyed after the mornings jaunt. I think I need a tuna sandwich. Yes. Pretty sure that could help all manner of things.

Do stop by with a bag of potato chips. They go so well with tuna on wheat.

Yes, you do!!!


It appears I do not have to worry, pull my hair, gnash my teeth, or lose sleep over the upcoming disaster that I call my job. No nope and nada. The end of the tunnel is a train and it is inevitable, however the crew I worked with yesterday have been bitch moaning and complaining on my behalf. Its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The manager is not pleased with all of my coworkers who are chewing her rear about the other check-in coworkers. She keeps telling my noisy crowd that I am a big girl and can speak for myself. But I don’t think I will. No I am going to continue to be my effervescent self and just do what I can while blithely ignoring a lot of the work they expect me to do. No I am sorry I was busy with the new position, guess you will have to do this yourself. Oh you can’t because you are busy or have a day off? Here is my only suggestion; quit visiting with everyone about all the changes and work it. There all better? Did I increase my meds? No, I had decided what is important and the small details are not. I can predict that things are going to get darker, stuff piled up and doctors pissed well before a grand conclusion. The key to all this is to stay happy and dedicated in front of my bosses. I said in front!

Today’s weather will be sunny and mild. Hooray I am off to the 5k. I have another one lined up in June. My t-shirt collection continues to grow.

I have made an appointment with a dermatologist by the competitor on Curtis road. I tried filling out my new patient paperwork, but was sternly admonished several times by the directions to verify myself. Um I made the account, I did not log out and then log back in. Could not find the magic button in which to let the program know I was who I said I was. So I saved it and got out. Then sent the office a note stating my issue.

So today’s motto for the upcoming weeks and months. Do what you can do. Easy peasy japanesy. I am not going to do shoddy half assed work. No the work I can get to will be pristine and dust free. Look! Look at all the new patients that I have scheduled. Pat pat pat on my shoulder.

Wear sunscreen!






title here


For the last couple of months I have felt bloated, fat and uncomfortable. The three ugly step sisters. I was dreading the weigh in at the doctor’s yesterday to the point I did not remove my shoes or sweater. Plus I almost held on to my purse. Nope I lost 2 poinds, huh. I have to start taking calcium/vit D because of my osteopenia. Get a mammogram, bone scan. And various other helpful tests to stay on top of being me.

I finally stopped at a little clothing shop in a strip mall mid way up State Street. It is with a bowling alley, a restore store (recycled building supplies) and numerous $1 stores, and 2nd hand stores. Should be fairly inexpensive, yes? No. The clothes were lovely and one tunic that I really liked was over 300 $. There were some lovely light material vests, 59 dollars. I hit the clearance rack and found two lovely blouses for $10 each. yikes!

I went and snagged Jim’s storage keys and Nascar jackets from his latest girlfriend. Not sure where the relationship is going. Long distance and all. Don’t want to know. Yep please keep in the dark and forget that you ever met me.

Visited with Aunt Wanda yesterday. We spent far too much time discussing gays. I don’t know why. I told Carla that maybe she thinks I am gay and wanted to let me know that in her own southern Emmett way; that she loves me and accepts me. Bully for me and the LBGT community. She is such a funny duck. Still escorted me to the my vehicle even though she seems to be attached to her little walker.

I am off to work at Unca Walters then off to Caldwell today.  Take an umbrella.

stop saying that

ahnoldIt seems our little group is going to get even smaller. Busy B? The paranoid self involved woman? Yeah well it seems she is getting way too comfortable at work. Lots of talking with not a worry to where she is at. Giving medical and financial advise on the phone. Giving out her own personal information to top it all off with a maraschino cherry. We had one of the girls from QES in our office to help us with registration errors and alond with some much needed education. All while we are checking in patients, because go live is where you find the most mistakes. Anywho, busy b is yakking away with patients and our QES person is quite alarmed with what she is hearing. All of which is old news to me and my coworkers, but we are done with complaining. Nobody listens to our concerns, until now. Well another reason being we are on our way to being audited by JACHO, and the slip of a lip by a dipshit could be a major problem. MAJOR! If ya don’t have control of your people then everything else needs a closer look and ain’t nobody wants to deal with that. Although we have gone over the clinic with a fine tooth comb. Several times.

I went to the manager after listening to busy B all day. I was horrified. I was totally unaware of anyone else having an issue. I just wanted her to shut the hell up so I could get some work done. I was asked to email all my concerns to said manager. Here we go again thought I. Well it appears that my email was the 5th one regarding Busy B. huh! Then manager gathered up all the emails and sent them on to her manager. Not sure why manager can’t seem to make an decisions on her own. But we are going in the right direction. Hell I could soon be the only one running the office part of this clinic. geez.

Today? Gonna go meet my new OB/GYN. And to make matters even more fun? Downtown Boise during morning rush. Why did I think that was a good idea?

So Jim is off to the wild blue yonder. And Rich and I did the final cleanup and take it to the storage unit. I brought home the clawfoot tub to set in my front yard. And this pile of rust corn husker. Redneck much? Oh shush, just wait until they are all covered in flowers. lovely. Yes lets think lovely thoughts today. What I really need is to get out and clean up and get rid of leaves and old garbage cans. Pretty sure I am worrying the neighbors, but screw them!

have a day, no go ahead do take one – there is plenty to go around

in the neighborhood


Today’s festivities are brought to by the letter R. This morning I ate frosted flakes for breakfast. I don’t generally eat cereal and sugared cereal at that, but??? Jim cleaned out his kitchen before he left for Alaska. I got 4 cardboard boxes of assorted carbs, soups, and cereal. bachelor food. Oh and a bag of potatoes. Yesterday after coming home from Boise I drove over to his house to meet Rich. Where Cathy and I dragged my desk out to my truck. And Rich and Jim’s girlfriend put the rusty corn husker in the bed of the truck. Moving wears a body out. There is still stuff at Jim’s but it is getting taken care off all before the end of the month.

The trip to Boise with mom was fun. We ate breakfast at the Sunrise Restaurant. We wanted a booth, so the gal took us over to one that was just vacated. It was still dirty so she ran to get a rag. About that time a small group came up behind me. I heard a very snotty voice say excuse me. Which prompted me to slide into the seat of the booth (to get out of the way). Then I heard “well I guess we will keep looking for a booth”, in an even snottier voice. Oh let me move because you are entitled…not. Then we headed up the entertainment way to watch GOING IN STYLE. 2 thumbs up. Go see this movie. Then we wondered around hobby lobby and stopped at Panera’s for coffee and pastry. Fun!

I am going to putter around my yard and drag stuff out of storage. Hoppy Easter!