can’t leave the house


I took my truck to the tire store to have the tires rotated. They were cupping and that I guess is bad. Bright and early I pull in and I am first in line. I sit and read. 20 minutes later EJ calls my name and I (thought) was ready to go. The truck needs brake pads and something else needs aligned. Plus if they can’t do whatever they do to make the (crap I hate when I forget a word.) Which coincidentally I just looked up on the internet to price them. crap. Well they are part of the brake and quite spending because you will need two. I ok’d the work and I toddled off to home as it was only a block away. Still cool in the morning and not much traffic. I was told they would have the truck all day and not to expect a call until around 5ish. They had a full schedule.

It was kind of refreshing to be at home without some unforeseen errand taking me away. I got the house cleaned. Took the leaf blower to the garage, most of the spider webs are gone. I know they serve a purpose but they are so dirty, bleh! I made banana bread while it was still cool out. And tossed baby carrots, yukon potatoes, pork roast, dry onion soup mix, and chicken broth in the crockpot. Cleaned the yard up and trimmed some shrubs. busy busy. But I didn’t get everything done because I want to keep something for today. Today I am cleaning gutters, mowing the yard and transplanting some over watered plants to bigger pots. They are drowning and can’t get oxygen. ha like I know what I am doing. My plants are rather stunted this year. I don’t know why. All I know is I want tomatoes and I don’t even have a blossom.

I called Carol and invited her to the Shakespeare activity. She excitedly said yes. She was on her way to Boise with Gary but would call later. She not only called later, she came over. I set two lawn chairs in the front yard to avoid yappy dogs. geez will ya shut up. Zsazsa has this kind of outraged bark, like what are you doing yap yap yap. stupid. So we had a nice visit in the shade while drinking iced water. Such a lovely visit. I am trying to teach Carol about electronics and the different stuff you can do. She and Gary are trying to cut the cord to pay television and I suggested a roku. I think I might have overwhelmed her. Too much information so she asked me to talk to Gary. Ok but you are a smart woman, but hey? Gives me a chance to visit with Gary, he cracks me up. They are almost done with remodeling the house on hazel and they are selling it themselves. She said the only people who have contacted them are realtors. And she refuses to rent again. Can’t depend on anyone to take care of stuff. But she is hesitant to sell because the house was wear she was going to retire.

When I talked to Sandy the other day, it was her birthday. They were moving to a little town by Hermiston. They sold their lovely house in Arlington because it sat on 5 acres and didn’t much want to take care of it. Can’t say as I blame them. So I think they are closer. Trying to see in my head the freeway in that direction. I am not sure what they are going to be doing but Jack is resourceful and it could be just about anything. OMG, it was so much fun talking with her. I really wish I could get some time to spend with her and the other girls. But people are busy and time gets away.

So the charges on the alignment and brake job? A little over 800 dollars. Its a good thing I have an account there, plus I didn’t go through on that loan for a bike. There are reasons things play out the way they do.

starting over


I had to send my laptop back to ACER for repair. The screen got scratched and the mark from the top to bottom was unsightly. It was annoying me. So I shipped it back and now it is home. When I got it ready for shipment I deleted everything; reset it to default which cleared its memory. Oh I am sure there is a mister smarty pants out there that could retrieve all my cybernet knowledge. But believe me it isn’t worth the effort. Except its worth it to me. I have had to find all my favorite websites (favorite them) log on and if not able to log on? Reset the password. Almost all my logon sites have a secondary security measure, so I was retrieving passcodes from my phone and email. What a pain. But because I was a girl scout in a previous life, I was prepared. I wrote down all my sites and passwords. It still took an hour and a half. But I am up and running with hardly a hitch in my side.

This summer is going to be nothing but excitement. July I have a colonoscopy scheduled. August? The doctors are taking us to the Shakespeare festival to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream. How the invite went out it read spouse/significant other. I asked if I could bring my girl friend. I got that look. I said we are not lesbian. We all laughed hardily (sometimes I hate them). Yeah so I am going to ask Carol to go with me. I have ordered a pair of stadium seats cuz we are sitting on the hillside. Also taking a cold bottle of wine, maybe beer. Yeah I asked for the next day off.  Joanna starts Monday, sometimes HR is really very slow.

I also ordered a stand station for my work desk. What is that? Well it is an apparatus that you place on the top of the desk that holds your monitor and keyboard. You can raise it to where you can comfortable stand and work on your computer. Why did I do this? Couple reasons, the last time I asked for one? The boss found out how much they cost and threw a fit, moved me from an outlying clinic and put me up front to the tall desk. Now all of a sudden I am to be in the back with a short desk. My back started hurting. So I went online an found one on amazon for 1/2 the cost of what they would have to pay. Then? If I sit and work I won’t feel guilty because the boss isn’t getting her moneys worth out of the equipment.

Rocky’s  bike. I don’t know where Chad is on the purchasing, dunno. But I drove to work the other morning and thought about his bike. And how I need to buy it. I could get lessons and it would get me out of the house. I even went so far as to go online and apply for a loan, which I got. Then I decided I needed a sane voice, someone to talk me off the ledge. I couldn’t find anyone to talk too, everyone was busy. This was so hard. And it hurt. It put me in a turmoil I hadn’t visited in a few years. I sat and looked at the application and saw all the information that was still needed. I hadn’t even called the owner. I sat. Then I thought I wanted Rocky not his bike. Why is it so painful still after all these years. That wound should be healed and scabbed over several times.

I am staying home today. Which will no doubt annoy the young man in the living room. The fire stick? I discovered ON DEMAND on the Pluto channel. Pluto is a free channel which streams all kinds of different and sometimes really goofy shows. But it has a section not unlike Netflix or Prime. MOVIES. I fell asleep to one last night. Yeah I should have done this sooner.

Go hug you significant other for me.

fire good


Justin cut the cable tv. Unfortunately this was exactly the day I paid the bill. I got home from work and he met me at the door stating he had taken the cable boxes back and we were only on the internet now. This did not set well with me and I pouted for 2 days. I knew the day was coming we discussed it but dammit!!! He bought a Roku which is a device that plugs into the smart tv; it streams hundreds of television channels. ie sports. I did not have one. I had access to prime or netflix. So I went on amazon and bought a roku (no I didn’t). I opened the box and found that I had ordered a amazon firestick. This is way cooler than a roku. I can hold down a button and ask ‘Alexa’ to find me a movie or news or sports (yeah that I don’t think so). Anyways I am now super cool with my new techno gadget. Of course I had to google how to use it but so?

Jodi, you funny girl. Stone patients are urgent because they have large stones in their kidney or urethra and where ever else they grow. So big they are unable to pass causing much damage and a great deal of pain. These require surgery and this is what the doctors like because after all they are surgeons and this is how they make most of their money. But I seem to attract the crazies or its because I just answer the phone. I got a guy who asked if our doctors removed penises. I said perhaps if there is damage. But I went on to state that he probably would have to go out of state as we are quite conservative in this area. Could not get this guy off the phone so I started listening with a half an ear and did paperwork. He must have talked for 15 minutes. Which is kind of nice because I was other wise occupied and couldn’t answer the ringing ringing ringing phone, Dear God! the phone!!! Then I get a call last week from a 20 year old who had shot himself in the crotch with a bb gun. Went through the tip of his penis and into his buttocks. Seriously? I don’t understand guys. This is a delicate piece of equipment and can damage easily. Men?? You are not starfish it does not grow back. geez. The things I see.

Yesterday I spent at my new desk in back. Oh I still answered the phone but I got to ignore it more. (love that). In my job once I have scheduled the new patient I have to print a letter with directions and such on company letter head. This is done by folding down the front of the copier which is behind the wall from my desk and putting the special paper in. I go onto the computer and in the patients chart I set it to print and I hit send. I then have to walk around the wall to the copier. I did this 6 times on just one patient because something got screwed up each time. Once I finally did get the letter finished. I promptly went into my manager’s office and asked for a printer at my desk. She said she would and apologized over the miscommunication about the other printer. thank you. I know I stood right there when they offered me the desk and the moon. geez I got a memory like an elephant do not fuck with me.

Chad is buying Rocky’s bike. Have a good day.

ya gotta trust her at some point


I asked that I just drive to Caldwell and not Nampa. I am well liked over there and it isn’t a hard job to do but??? I don’t get anything done. grrrr. And the boss says no, we can’t send Joanna. Ummm You are the one who hired her back, you approached her. Let her do her job and let me do mine. So this is what it is like in the land of nod…I was asked if I would take the desk in back at the window. I could set my desk up anyway I liked. Told me that I could have a printer and maybe a label printer. All while they had IT put in a desk top printer. I moved it to my desk and the lead told me to put it back as it was for the end desk up front. I asked then what was all this about letting me have what I wanted at my desk? tired of the shit. But? At the moment I am pleased I don’t have to work at the mother ship, less drama. The less time I spend in the company of the administration that better. I work best away from all that.

Today I am off to visit my primary physician to make sure there is no stoppage on medication. Maybe talk about stuff, I don’t know. Just being pro active.

Sent an text to boss stating that I would like to put in a couple weeks of 5 eight hours to train with Lois. Oh I can do that and can I cover for Lois in August, this is during the eclipse. I regretfully declined. You see Lois put done Joanna as coverage and I am afraid it is going to have to stick. so so sorry. Probably make Lois work instead. Not sure why they asked Joanna back if things are going to continue the way they were.

Also? Am on jury duty all summer. Fingers crossed that the population of this fine county behaves.

Stay cool, turn on the AC.

snapchat you so funny


Friday night makeover. Maybe I should use more makeup. That is if I want to look like a drag queen. My complexion does look exceptionally smooth.

I might have drank too much wine last night. But I ate a slice of flat bread with every glass, so it all evened out. The winery was way out in BFD Idaho. Plus there was road construction and detours but suri got us there. Pretty sure I won’t go there again. I had been in the area some 30 plus years ago with the ex when we were into mushrooms. Did you know that you can get psychedelic mushrooms from Hops fields? Well you could back then, rumor has it that the farmers spray and it isn’t ‘easy pickins’ now so I suggest not doing that. The topic of age came up last night, the Lead asked me how old I was. I told her it was none of her fucking business. Then someone else asked what did you just say? And I said it again. Everyone burst into shocked (I assume) laughter. She thru a napkin at me. I then said I would be 60 on my next birthday and I would then celebrate with getting a Zoster injection. geez some people. It was fun but half of the staff did not show up. free booze and food? What were they thinking.

I am not going to the Cherry Festival this year. Oh I would if I had company, why deny them the thrill of a small town celebration. I am staying home to make potato salad and drink lots of water.

I sent my computer back to Amazon earlier this week. I opened laptop up the other morning to find that a line was starting down one side of the screen. oh no!!! Then it was all the way from top to bottom. I notified Amazon who had me print off a shipping label. I shipped it the next day. I get home and I have an email from ACER asking for some numbers off the computer. ummm its shipped. But hey they have it now and it is being evaluated for repair. Not sure how they are going to accomplish that. I hope they don’t keep it for very long as I am using the man child’s spare computer. I deleted everything on my computer pretty much set it back to factory default. But I managed to write down all my passwords. this is essential to a successful take over.

have a lovely Saturday.

binge this


I was told to put my feet up. Got a tad edema on my lower legs. So I am and that is what today looks like. Watching The Office maybe do something a little later today.

I was signed up for a 5k today. Our route got flooded out by the Boise River. So they let us know by email that the venue was now at one of the high school tracks. um nope. Also? No dogs allowed. Double nope. I opted for the opulence of my home. Tease the dogs and heat up the taco soup after adding a couple of cans of beans.

Joanna starts back with us the first part of July. The gal on leave is not coming back and they approved us for another front office person. So that will bring us up to 3 people up front to work so I can sit in the back and schedule new patients. Dr S had a hissy about not getting stone patients. The dam burst and we now have stone patients coming out our ears. I don’t have enough doctors for these people.  Plus? The doctors go to conventions, holiday, or are just sick. We had no providers friday. Sorry if you are in need of something, contact your PCP, urgent care or go to your local ER. We did have a doctor on call but gosh; heres the deal…never complain about not having enough of something. You will get it.

Drink your water.

finally a day off


Off to the big city for my doctor appointment. Hope it isn’t a waste of time, no wait….yes I want this to be a waste of time. Nothing wrong here folks, just aging badly. Just lumpy and bumpy with a scattering of dry skin. carry on.

I texted my bestie at work. She is going to let me know if the prodigal coworker shows up. I guess I don’t want to be surprised tomorrow or something. I had to  make sure my bosses knew that I was taking today off. Yeah it’s my designated day off but people do get sick and then I have to cover. oh Wait Gale, isn’t that what a lead is supposed to do? Pretty much. But what happens if you take a day off? Well presumably the lead steps up and does my job. Did she last week? um nope, an email was sent out for volunteers. seriously!

My computer just alerted me that I am out of sync. Wow technology these days. My work daughter Joanna stopped in yesterday to drop off my scentsy order. And to visit. The girls were gabbing away asking when she was to come back. It sounded like I was in a hen house, but with no eggs. geez. I am really hoping to NOT drive to Nampa every week. Can I just go to Caldwell? Is that too much to ask? It is way out of my way, plus Joanna lives there. c’mon!!!! I will write up my case give all the pros and cons. Maybe even make a powerpoint presentation. I did that once for Rocky. I had quit a crappy little job and felt I needed to give a professional reason. Not that I needed to give one, I had just had a class on Powerpoint and felt the need to use it. I used graphics, fancy fonts, photos. Graphs. All non-factual of course. Rocky was very impressed. I believe I still have the knowledge.

Yeah, so I am pretty much wasting time until I need to leave. As if you didn’t know. I am sitting here at my desk watching the squirrels in my tree. They come down and make a bunch of noise to bring the dogs out to tease them. Zsazsa goes out has a little vocal tantrum because they won’t come down to ‘play’. Then I have to yell at her to get in the house. Then it starts all over again. good times.