as much as i would like too…

solar tee

Sorry only ordered one, these damn things cost like 27 dollars. And although I value each and every one of you? not gonna do it.

Today I am ignoring my phone because I will bet you a t-shirt my manager will text asking when I will be in today. One of my dear co-workers calls her ‘less than brilliant’ and I agree. Woman is a walking mistake. Never learned the old saying ‘silence is golden’. Although lately she is keeping it close to the chest and now I want details. Of what? I don’t know but am fairly certain something is going on.

I am researching calcium infusion. Because I could fall and break a hip, doctors have me taking calcium. I am taking some huge horse pill coated green made of some sort of calcium product. My stomach has been upset since starting this regimen. In that past I tried fosamax, which caused a great deal of stomach pain. I know I need to take calcium but there has to be a better avenue. I thought I had stomach cancer or something. Yeah I am at that age where every little ache and pain sends me into; so this is how it gonna end. Tired of that conversation. Yep I am a delicate flower.

Today? Spaghetti. If I can get in gear. I of course need to go to the store. I like english cucumbers, so if the local store doesn’t have them? I am off to Wally world on 10 mile and Chinden. Where there is rumor of a COSTCO being built or an Albertsons. I forget.  All I know is Chinden is the last place you want to drive into Boise on. Its like everyone is trying that ‘shortcut’ to avoid state street or fairview. Everybody! Get outa my way. Driving in that general direction makes me lose my ability to drive sane. I want to just get there and back. done and done. I am going to see how long I can survive by NOT driving into Boise. I’m pretty sure me and boise will get along fine without each other.

Remember back in the beginning of summer when we had the disastrous flood in my building? Well it is close to being back to normal. They painted walls and put up the ceiling tiles last week. So exciting I hope we have a grand reopening, doubt it though. New company took over and they are a bunch of humbugs.  I am going to miss the construction guys.

Pretty sure I have mentioned the lead of my little group. She has told the building manager that he needs to check in with the front desk from now on. So now every time that he is called up to help with something, we get a big ass bill. Yeah your budget is gonna take a hit.

happy birthday Jody!


hear you

I am sitting here on the couch listening to the floor fan swivel back and forth. That sound always reminds me of staying with grandma. So many memories of the farm; the bread man who delivered, the gold fish in the horse tank, snacking on a handful of beet pulp, the acrid smell of Paul and Ollie’s house are just a few of the things that come to mind. I loved staying with grandma. So much freedom with  no one yelling at me. Although I do remember Ollie hollering at me from the back door to stop what I was doing or she was gonna smack me. What was I doing? Well I had gotten an empty dish soap bottle. Filled it with water and I was teasing the calves. Why was I torturing the calves? I don’t know I was a dumb kid. Maybe I was pretending to bottle feed them. I remember acting out this story that grandma would tell each of us kids about a neighbor who had had some kind of mental breakdown and started shooting up his farm and anything living on it, humans included. I forget the details because we embellished it and I have seen too many television shows between that time and now. But it was a good story. But I recall Jim coming in from visiting with grandma. ‘Mom, did you know?” And started in on telling the story. Mom was none too impressed. Oh the things you learn at the knee of a grandparent.

Today? Lawn mowing and tidying up the back yard. Probably plug in the vacuum and make a racket that way as well. My super power? Boring. Yep I am incredible boring woman. Able to put rooms of people asleep in a single bound.


i made it

cant eaat

Today will be spent with my feet up most of the day recovering. Plus? Edema on my ankles, gonna have to check with the doctor on that. Oh I knew I had the issue because my ob/gyn pointed it out. But when I stand most of the time for my back issues it doesn’t surprise me.

With Dr S gone to the great wilds of the USSR, his staff is vacationing as well. But aren’t I his staff? Um yeah but I am also Dr Z and Dr M’s staff, so I have the luxury of staying at work. Benefits? Adding to my ever growing bank of paid time off hours, 2 rep lunches and CNR week dinner/ rodeo hyjinx included. With optional jean wearing. Yeah living the dream. Why are we all het up every year about rodeo? Well back when heck was a pup and dr s was wet behind the ears. He enjoyed involvement with the rodeo. I don’t know if he was a bull rider or a bronc rider. I should ask him. But he has a soft spot for all kinds of activities here in this little berg we fondly call caldwell. Downtown caldwell is facing the impending evolution of progress. There used to be all kinds of buildings built over the creek that flows through town. They just demolished a ratty hotel that has stood vacant for five years that i know of. There are plans for an open mall like area, fountains and fire places,movie house, concert area, restaurants, and upscale shops. One hold out is my manager’s 90 plus father in law who owns a couple blocks because he likes hanging out at his bar with his friends. We will just pleasantly wait for time to take its toll and the construction will begin. It is also the only Keystone Pizza in the state. Eventually it will look like the village in Meridian. such wow  so excitement  much traffic

Paypal rocks and here is why. I like to purchase things and sometimes online. Never with any problem because I usually stick with a little known site called amazon. But I have branched out to wish and a few others and I needed a pay site that I felt I could trust. Well I purchased a product that amazingly enough did not live up to its advertisement and the company I bought it from ignored my numerous requests to return for a refund. Then weeks later after their official cut off date to return or appeal, they sent me a one page note of their return policy. I was pissed. What was my recourse? I like my money and I wanted it back. I fussed and fumed for like 10 minutes then decided to go to the paypal site and warn any future shoppers to NOT buy from Epicaboo or something like that. So I discovered where I could log my story to the people of paypal. I got a reply; why wasn’t I appealing this through paypal themselves. Why indeed. So I went to the appeals department on their site and wrote them my story. I was too write to the company once more thru paypal, nothing. They escalated my issue and not really sure what they did but will hazard a guess they tried to contact the company and received the same response. I got all  my moneys back. I am very satisfied with paypal. Go go now paypal awaits.

I found a pair of pants that I am not sure where they came from. Perhaps I have a clothing fairy.   perhaps.

suspend your disbelief


This would look great on a kitchen towel hanging off of my oven.

I hope to never work two 5 8hr in a row again. I am exhausted. I want no I need my 3rd day off. I get home and sit/fall sleep only to get up and do it again. Nope. I am used to my 4 ten hour weeks. I must have them back.

Yesterday I decided I did not care.  Nope I am not your go to girl. You have made me incredibly tired and I am going to sit right back here and read a book.

Dr S is off to Russia with is his son next week. They are flying up to Seattle where they are going to fly on a Russian flight over the Bering sea. Not sure where they will land but I do know they will be boarding an ancient Russian helicopter to fly inland to go fly fishing. He said it took them three years to plan and coordinate the trip. Plus they each had to get a special 3 year visa. geez that guy. Last year it was Africa. Where they did not bring me home a baby elephant. From Russia? Bring vodka!

This week we had a very good staff meeting. There had been some miscommunication and very pissed off doctors. We got to hear all the details and all come to the conclusion that when a doctor tells his nurse to do something, he needs to stand by that nurse when she takes on fire from anyone else. Even other doctors. So if ya’ll want to have a pissing contest? We don’t want to be involved.

Next week is CNR. What you have never heard of it? Where have you been, under a rock? Its only the Caldwell Night Rodeo!!! So get out your rhinestone studded ward robe and join us for a little down home fun.

So that’s whats been happening. Me living vicariously through others because I am tired.

didn’t feel like it


New addition to the little family. Jen rescued a white schnauzer named Bonnie. Both girls are bonding and getting along fine.

I have decided to find a project every weekend. This weekend was cleaning a good part of the garage. but didn’t I just do this. Oh no that was the harley part of the garage. No I am cleaning on the parking part. It started with the back up fridge. It just dominoes. And it just continues because you get finished and have to start all over again because…The man of the house is rearranging my art in the garage to make room for his movie posters. Will he ever move out? probably

Work? One of our nurses got hired to be a teacher back home. Halfway Oregon. She is going to be the PE teacher. Evidently she has a bachelors in hmmm not sure but here she is working as a MA. Um So she is moving back. Which caused a kerfluffle with the manager. Once she heard the ‘i quit’ she hit the internet and started calling the people who she considered for an opening but decided on someone else. Me? I get to watch. I never ever want to be in management. no siree bob. So in a span of like 7 hours, we got a new MA hired. And a patient specialist, who we stole from our sister clinic in Meridian. hooray someone I don’t need to train. So by the end of the year we should (fingers crossed) have 4 new people and we will be fully staffed.

Our head nurse got her butt chewed by her doctor. She is forever denying us scheduling. Seems that our just fresh from vacation but caught sick doctor Dr M, had a patient coming from Baker City. We asked if we could schedule that patient with her doctor as they are having clinic that day in (where?)Baker City. She said no. Dr Z who is slowly getting back on his feet from being ill himself. Called her doctor and all hell broke loose. Drama pure drama. I should get some popcorn.

Butters is a dipshit. There are four other dogs puttering around the house and ever once in awhile he sees one of them and lets out a bark. dementia much?

So thats my weekend. How is yours?



unexpected invitation


It never occurs to me to take a photo of the food I am eating. I jacked this from the interwebs. I cleaned yesterday, it’s how I spent the entire day. That and waiting for a tech to return my call. I was resting on the couch after a bout of cleaning when my phone rang. Oh goodie I can schedule someone to come fix the fridge. Nope it was Carol. She asked if I would like to come over for nachos and beer. I did. We talked and laughed and ate. Gary told stories of his childhood. And Carol made the best nachos ever. I absolutely love those two.  I stayed till dark thirty. I don’t see them enough. They sold the house on Hazel. They had spent the spring fixing it up. They got their asking price.

The tech is supposed to show up Tuesday mid morning. Justin has an appointment in Boise and I am working on Monday. The fridge is so clean. Inside and out. Looks brand new.

Today I did a little shopping and on my receipt I noticed that I could take 50 cents off a gallon on gas. So I dropped off the groceries and grabbed up my gas cans, I really don’t know why there are 3 gas cans in the shed. But I filled them up along with my truck.  Plus I got the works car wash. All for under $30. Frugal? Yes I am.

We are currently cleaning out cabinets of extra drinking cups. Travel mugs. Every time there is an event I get a reusable drinking cup. I can only use one at a time. I have tried filling up 5 or 6 and having them ready in the fridge. Now there is no room and I need to declutter. Justin caught the declutter bug and is going thru the different drawers and boxes tossing out electronics. Tossing out to the garbage can or a bag to take to the ARC drop off. Here ya go have some crap.

that’s just great


Looks like I have some time this morning to do a few things. I need to contact the local appliance repair place to see if they could make a house call. My side by side refrigerator is not refrigerating. I am very thankful that I have the fridge in the garage.

Not happy that someone got all stupid and committed the crime of the year by toasting 4 patrol cars. I will hazard a guess that alcohol was involved. Why does this upset me? Jury duty. Fingers crossed that they won’t get it together until winter and maybe it will go to the state jurisdiction because the state police are involved. Don’t know.

Read on facebook from one of my favorite radio stations that Emmett is the poorest city in Idaho. No I don’t know where they got their information but who ever wasted money on that study could have just asked me. What they do with information I can only guess. Maybe a fairer way of sharing resources? Doubtful I haven’t seen it yet. However I was thinking back on my before life with Rocky. I make more now than what he made at his final job. We were so ecstatic when he got his raise. Course added to what I was making then, we could conquer the world. Or so we thought.

Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium is coming the Morrison Center in October. I wonder if she is going to bring her tape recorder. One of my coworkers is going. She had a boy friend commit suicide and I think she needs closure. I hope she gets it. There is a little part of me that really hopes that this kind of thing is real. I remember sitting glued to the television watching a couple of different shows that had mediums the first few years after Rocky died. Well you get your comfort where you can.

Still haven’t heard on a definite date for the Shakespeare festival. COME ON!!! I am ready before they know it the season will be over. I did receive my ticket to the Caldwell Night Rodeo. And I promptly asked for the next day off. Yeah take that! Next movie I want to go see? ATOMIC BLONDE which I thought I would go to today but the refrigerator situation changed my mind. So as you can see my summer is just about full or it could be full of activity.

Work? Well it just goes on. I got the manager to put a brick on the new girls head, so to speak. She no longer jumps up to run to see if someone can take a phone call. Then the Lead came to me and asked if I could take some time and teach the new girl onbase. Onbase is a program that digitally receives the faxes sent to the clinic. It is mine. I do not want to share. I am in control. But really it is a little complicated and if you don’t follow all the steps you are pissing off doctors. Nobody wants that to happen. I pointed out to the lead that new girl hasn’t conquered her scanning, which is the hard copy of onbase.  Once I feel comfortable with new girl taking care of scanning, I will let the lead know. How am I going to know when this happens? I told new girl when she is done with her stacks of scanning to give them to me as I have to check for mistakes. She left a huge pile of unscanned paper when she went home the other day. Yeah they ain’t gonna scan themselves.  Why do I need to be in control? It is also how we receive our auths and referrals. I want those as they are kind of important to what I do. If the next person was the least bit conscientious about who is supposed to get what? They would take that extra little step and route it to the correct person. Has that happened in the past? No. Do I do this? yes.

Have a day.