stayed home today


Yep the plan to drive up the canyon to mom’s fell to a crash. I started filling ill and found that I should not stray far from my bathroom. I let the folks know then I built a fire in the fire place.  I then sat and held a hand to my head as it was hurting like the dickens. And just what does that mean? I don’t know I do know mom and grandma said it all the time. Probably brought to Colorado by way of Missouri.

Eventually this girl is going to have to retire, making room for some young budding student. So I went online and googled a few burning social security questions. One in particular; could I draw on my first husbands retirement after having been married a second time. And I can. Which will no doubt piss off him and his hillbilly wife . Oh really, yep I would or anyone in my situation; have to have been married 8 or more years. 17 years of nonblissful matrimony. Then my second marriage would have had to have ended in death, divorce or annulment. Sadly I meet that requirement as well. I believe if I am not mistaken, I can draw on which ever; ex, Rocky or my social security is highest. Or maybe its the roll of dice. heck that question I still need to look into as well.

And just when do I plan on retiring? Not for some time but its good to know these things.  Make plans, do things now while I can or have the disposable money. Move into to a retired community and find my children’s next step daddy. um no that just creeps me out.

I decided to ignore a situation at work that for some reason involved me which of course pissed me off. The management decided to call the scheduled new patients a couple of days before their appointment in hopes that we wouldn’t have so many no shows. Yeah like I have time for that. Email went back and forth with suggestions and dire consequences. Lois was right in the middle of it defending our spot. I knew if I stepped into the fray I would lose my temper. So I ignored each email as it came into my mailbox and instead of answering anything, I deleted it. Like I have said in the past Lois and I do everything but hand deliver these people to their appointments. Plus? We have an automatic call system that calls them twice before their appointment. So by the end of the day and like 25 emails, it was decided the patient specialists 1s would do the calling. Leaving me and Lois to continue to do our job.

stay healthy and walk. walk walk walk


wore them out


Had an appointment to have my hair glossed. Its the process of dyeing the hair without the color. Makes my hair shiny and my grey streak sparkle. I took the dogs with me because the shop is above Ann Morrison park. It would have been a nice stroll but Cola forgot his brains in the truck. And I was wearing my rocker Skechers shoes, I was a bit unbalanced. So I pooped them and off we went back to home. But I remembered that I still had money on the gift certificate to La Costas. I was hungry. Forgot to eat breakfast. DOH! What did I order? Flautas with rice and refried beans to go. yum. Enough for two meals.  But the dogs? They are sacked out on the couches snoring. I love that the doggie jails are accepting chairs for their dogs. Best idea ever.

I have been watching alot ALOT of television. I think I was born on the wrong continent. I love watching anything from BBC or documentaries on the royals. I love the queen. She is adorable. I saw a snippet of her and Phillip at a ‘sales yard’ well pretty sure it was a sales yard as they were leading a lovely bovine into an arena. She gazes over, points and you can read her lips saying ‘cow’. So cute.  I am presently watching a show about very British problems. They seem to be so awkward in all social situations. so funny. Perhaps the majority are introvert.

Tomorrow is the clinic in Emmett. And I am looking forward to it. Thursday is free oatmeal at the hospital. So I usually have mine with craisins, nuts and a little cream. The nice thing is they rotate it out with cream of wheat and zoom. Then I am off to the great town of Caldwell to finish off my work day. Hopefully the gal who is covering for me schedules a couple of new patients. Scheduling new patients is quite exhausting. We call them sometimes multiple times. We send them a letter about their appointment. We have people call for reminders. And they still don’t show up. It is ridiculous.  Personally I think if we reworded the letter we send out saying to please call 24 hours if canceling, maybe some of them would do that.  It seems we do everything but give them a ride to the clinic. crazy.



living in a bubble


The lead who is over my part of the clinic constantly says, HI! Every time I walk by or she comes strolling up to where I sit. Sometimes it makes me crazy. Really! I acknowledged your greeting 5 hours ago and every 15 minutes since, stop it.

The kid’s dad was or maybe still is in ICU at St Al’s Boise. He had a stroke and just about scared his step daughter to death. Jen says she has stopped in and saw him a couple of times. He is gradually getting better, I told her not to worry as he is in good hands.

After cleaning out my closets and dressers, I am attacking my linen closet. I poked around in it yesterday and found a couple christmas ornaments that I had purchased in 2015. So I did buy the hallmark puppy love that year, huh.

Talked to the boy yesterday. I called to let him know that he left a huge tote of CDs of movies and shows. And perhaps he would like them to sell or watch. I don’t want to be his storage unit. nope you gone? Here’s your stuff.

Then Jim’s mail is piling up, so I got his new mailing address in Tennessee. Going to put it all in a big envelope and send it on. see ya.

I am thinking about changing around my dinner ware. I can’t decide on the fine china or the Franciscan ware I got from mom. Then there is always the china hutch to clean out as well.

Wandered out to the shed yesterday and rearranged some stuff out there. Getting rid of the huge trash bags of stuff, I don’t see the need of keeping extra blankets or curtains. You, get in the truck we are going to a used clothes drop off. YEE HAW.

I am planning a trip up to mom’s next weekend and taking all the bags of clothes I am getting rid of. There is a little place up there that is a 2nd hand store, the money it makes supports the senior citizen center. Granny’s closet. So with Justin’s permission I am getting rid of the love seat in the garage along with all the bags. get out! Then I am cleaning out the extra fridge, putting some coffee grounds in a cup on a shelf. Unplugging it and moving it across the garage out of my way. or not. Its my place and I can do what I want.

All cheap clean fun here. If you stop by? I might have to help move something.


appreciated, sort of


Last week we all got an email (sorry if you didn’t get yours) about administration finalizing the market value project that effects non-clinical wages. Last spring I was one of the lucky ones to get a 6% raise. Which was like 89 cents, maybe. When I got my raise I was told that come this spring (last week) we would get the last part. I don’t know why they did it that way, maybe people were jumping ship. dunno. Any who, I got another raise something like .843434%. Yes indeed I am proud. I could go buy a coke. But really some people didn’t get the 6% or the less than 1%. Guess they had reached the glass ceiling.  The base pay for my position is approximately $13.34 to 20.34 an hour. I am floating somewhere in between. Just enough to pay the bills and look wistfully at a sears catalog wishing I had money.

Then at the one on one meeting, we had a chat. Manager asked if there was anything I would like to say. I thanked her for the raise and then I said I would like to talk about the previous week. When I came in like a thunder cloud and maybe everyone run. I told her I was very frustrated with my current position and especially Thursday when I came in to work the new patient que. I was pulled off of that to cover for lunches for people who should have gone before I even got back to the office. Yep I was mad, why am I given a job to do and not allowed to do it? VERY FRUSTRATING.  Well kids, she had no idea. All she knew was people were coming into her office (3 people) complaining of my attitude. She was surprised that it was going on as she was just a little ways away from the happenings. BOY! She then stated that I was not to cover for lunches, that I was to work the que. Right like that is going to happen. But I got it off my chest and thought it was OK.  Que to the meeting this Thursday, manager gets on her soapbox to read everyone the riot act. About? People’s attitudes, back stabbing, gossiping, bickering. And all kinds of other non-happy employee stuff. Yes I was one of the offenders, but evidently not the only one or the worst one. Once the threats and fist shaking was done, she said starting that moment we all had a clean slate. From this moment forward if anyone was doing any of the above it would be an immediate write up. No problem for me because I had my happy place. I worked 5 eights and you know how that effects me. Not this time. I was allowed to work my job and only my job. It was a lovely week. I just think she might have closed the barn door after the horse got out, or add your own cliche here.

We have our new female doctor who will start in August. Then they have approached another female doctor to see if she would like to join our happy family. good times. I just hope we don’t wear out the current doctors. They just happen to be the busiest doctors in the hospital’s system. Not just my opinion, smarter people than me told me so.




Today I am taking my time getting ready for work. I have walked on my treadmill and having a nice leisurely cup of coffee. Do you ever notice it is rarely a ‘cup’? Mine is like 2 1/2 cups. As you well know I hate HATE working 5 days a week. But here I am. Plus? They wanted me on 5 next week as well, no can do kemosabe. I am busy and even if I were not? I would make something up. The other caveat to working 5 days in a row is I open which means I leave at 4:30. And I plan on doing just that. Last time? Manager just about wet her pants because I was not staying until 5. So the next day I came in and sat until my 8:30 check in or tried too. The lead came in and asked if I had rolled the phones or unlocked doors. When she found that I did not she almost wet HER pants. Got upset with me that I did not let them know of this issue. Sorry sister, I am not going to tell you your job. You keep stealing from Peter to pay Paul, something is going to fall short. By the way, wetting pants is quite common in a urology clinic.

We got a letter of intent from our new doctor, female. So exciting. They are still shopping for yet another doctor. Don wants to cut his hours back. The last day for cranky crazy provider is April 30. Then hopefully the staff won’t be so strapped, me I mean me.

Thursday I did my morning clinic in Emmett, this means I do not get to schedule new patients. So I rush back to Caldwell once done here and start on my new patient que. All of a sudden I am asked if I had taken a lunch, yes I was told too. Can you cover? Okay, not happy but fucking okay. Then I find out that the gal who is check in needs to break for lunch and it is 1 freaking 30. What the bloody hell? So I have to cover for yet another person. And why the hell wasn’t one of the other girls covering while they weren’t checking out patients? I was very unhappy, I have a huge que hanging over my head that I needed to blow thru because I sure as hell wouldn’t be able to get to them the next day. Yes I was working on my own friday. lovely. The little miss who didn’t ask for an earlier lunch went in to tattle to the manager that I was angry and making her nervous. really? why is this my problem? I am a team player but this is getting ridiculous. I see a talking too in my future. hooray. Evidently I am letting my frustrations show, um yeah. Here’s the thing, I wouldn’t get frustrated if I were allowed to do my fucking job.

Okay off to the shower and then I must fix the hair.

its a monday.


plenty for everyone


As you no doubt remember I like tools. I am enamored with my leaf blower and my cordless drill is the best thing since peanut butter. Yep I am a tool lover. So this year’s tax refund (a small portion) went to a purchase of an electric chain saw. Yep. I have a wood shed full of wood. FULL, ok that is an exaggeration. I have like a half cord that is unburnable. Oh I could burn it but it won’t fit my little wood stove. And I have had to replace the glass front far too many times to guesstimate the length of a log. I needed the right tool for the job. Did I get dressed and go to Stihls or D & B? Did I at least look at their website? Yes yes I did. I looked at 3 or 4 other hardwary type websites. internet I love you. I looked and made note. I pondered. I did not want a gas saw, nope electrical. I made a decision then went on Amazon. I ordered a lovely little WORX 16 inch chain saw. It was delivered at work yesterday. My coworkers have another reason to think I am a goofball. I think they are just jealous. Who wouldn’t want an electric chain saw? fools.

Jim stopped by on his way to the wilds of Tennessee last night. He was going to pick up some blankets he had left here before. I had put them in those little plastic bags that sheets and blankets come in and had stuffed them in the top of a closet. We decided that was a good place to keep them. While he was here he put my saw together and he cut a log for the fire place. Made sure I had something to hold the logs securely while I shortened them.  I have goggles, ear protection, gloves and boots. What I don’t have is a hard hat. But if push comes to shove I have a half helmet that Rocky bought as a joke and used as a peg stand.

So, guess what I will be doing today? No guess I will wait. Yep I am going to chop up a couple logs, clean house and put some soup in the crockpot. Yes I know you wished you were me. I am a lucky girl.


should change the name of blog to the ‘whinery’


My home page on my computer is Yahoo. Usual pictures of the orange chief in charge and his stupid remarks. Celebrity hijinx and misleading headlines. I am not sure why I haven’t changed it to something more adult. Maybe I need the stimulation to get me going in the morning. I will have to look in to it, change is the devil.

One of the topics that is forever popping up and irritating the hell out of me is: A-lister of  some popular 1980s show and how horrible they look now. For the love of mike! That is almost 40 years, actually 38 but given life and how time effects people, yer gonna age. We all can’t be Cindy Crawford and if you look close enough? Ya gonna find crows feet or scabby elbows. hill billys

I spent most of the day on the couch yesterday. Cold compress on my forehead with the occasional movement to throw yet another chunk of wood in the fire place. My burnable wood is slowly dwindling, so I went shopping on Amazon. I love you Amazon. You however are hell bent on getting me in trouble. I had decided at some point to purchase a chainsaw. I’m a lumber jack and I’m okay. I had been chopping up the wood with my chop saw. I had worn it out and Jim had fixed up another one for me but the on switch is stuck to on and I have decided that it might be a tad dangerous to use. Not wanting to chop off a thumb. I don’t want a gas power one, I had given the one I had to Gary. No I wanted an electric one. So I got a nice one and it should be arriving at work on Tuesday. I love delivery. Wednesday? I will be making sawdust. Yes I do have ear and eye protection.  So much fun.