yet another day goes by


Presently we have three providers. Our newest one, who might be the oldest has announced his retirement. He just got back from the Bahamas from his pre-wedding honeymoon. All tan and acting like bob marley. It is also said that our main most popular doctor is looking to cut his week down to 3 days. So the hunt is on for two not one but two new providers. I have met a few and the candidates are all quite lovely. But of course it is just the courting season and we don’t get to see if they are mentally unbalanced. Our middle child  doctor is presently trying to move into his new clinic. His nampa clinic is now going to be in the brand spanking new nampa hospital, 3rd floor. So new that yesterday was supposed to be the first day. um no. Heck they didn’t even have toilet paper yet. Yes please here is a cup, do pee into it. And no you can’t wipe or wash your hands because our paper products have yet to be delivered. yikes! So all the patients were called on Monday to come to the caldwell clinic. Which meant I got to sit in my desk behind the wall away from patients. I scheduled new patients most of the day and took care of faxes. I was quite happy playing in my own little mud puddle. Until! I found that I was going to be working on my own on friday. Which would not be a big deal but for the fact I am check in, onbase (faxes), new patient scheduler, operator with no coverage to go pee or eat my lunch. gee wilikers! So I was trying to decide whether to call in sick on friday or mention this problem to the lead. I opted to notify the lead. Who let the manager know.  The lead was going to be in nampa helping checkin because it is the first clinic day there. Nope squeaky wheel me? Got my way once again. I was going to be fine because one of the nurses who was doing chart prep was going to be my back up. But she had told me she was pulled off chart prep to go to nampa. What the fuck? As far as I can tell it is just a new damned building not some entirely new process. So I have help on friday. big freaking babies!

So whats the latest on class action suits? Well I got a lovely check from a litigation on Blue Buffalo Dog food. I forget what the issue was but seeings that I am a consumer? I opted in and signed Jen up as well, I got 108.69 and for whatever reason, Jen received a check for $60. Align probiotics has an active suit going and since I purchased this product in the allotted time frame, I signed up for that as well. There was a action on bankruptcies and another on Roundup. And one that just makes me giggle; pole dancers. In california, apparently a wage disagreement. So that hobby is paying for someone.

Today? I am off to run a few errands and come back home to clean up the yard and fix the gates. A certain young man has monkeyed around with a padlock and it is stuck. So? I need to bolt down the latches then apply a couple of new padlocks. Then I am removing the lock from my screen door because I am tired of being locked out of my damned house and saying anything doesn’t seem to do any good. God that kid reminds me of me, damnable child!!!

Drive safe, no texting.



geez louise


For my birthday I wanted something with bling.  After getting my hair shortened at the fancy salon, Carla and I went shopping. We stopped at a little kiosk in the middle of the mall. There was lots of sparkly jewelry and I told the lady I wanted a gaudy dinner ring. Yeah she brought out all these rings that pretty much covered the back of my hand. I said lets tone that down a bit. I picked out a ring that is probably 2 carats with a scattering of smaller cuts on the band. Perfect. I love showing it off. So sparkly. I tell people the ‘real’ ring is in the vault.

Wednesday, mom and I enjoyed lunch at Kona Grill. A very overpriced eatery at the Village. We both ordered Pad Thai noodles. mmmm noodles. I guess the sparkle of my ring caught the manager’s eye. He kept stopping by to see if there was anything that we needed. um yeah some silence? No make that two. Excellent food.

Star Wars? Well made, loved it!!! Miss Carrie Fisher so much! At some point during my time off I even had a chance to watch the newest pirates of the Caribbean movie. I liked that as well.

As for my complaining about work. Yeah here is what is going on. Gave detailed instructions to the lead on new patient referrals. She made a mess and I went back in to the ones she scheduled to fix and update. I said something to the manager who of course went straight to the lead who thought that she knocked it out of the park. Um yeah you got them all ‘done’ but they were incomplete. Going fast is not good in this case. She asked what areas needed improvement, I told her to just reread the instructions that I gave her. She reread them in front of me and said she did all this. NO YOU DID NOT!!! geez.  So on Thursday when I am back I will just hand the ones back to her that she did not enter correctly. thick  very thick.

Okay remember to drink your water and wash your hands…

ghosts from the past


I spoke to some childhood memories this week. One via facebook, of course. The Lara girls are fine and so is May. Pat looks so much like her mom they could be twins. Then? Do you remember the Krizenback family? I remember most of them. I can’t remember the name of the boy who is Phil’s age. I spoke with Fawn yesterday.  The last time I saw any of them was at the reception of Dovey’s funeral. It was at Debbie’s house and it was incredibly uncomfortable, but dad wanted to stay and catch up with the kids who were able to be there. I had an awkward conversation with Rhonda and then we sped off into the sunset.

I have been taking a break. I was tired of logging on here and doing nothing but bitching. It took me to a dark place I couldn’t stand to be at. So being much refreshed and in a better mental state, here I am.

Work took me back with open arms. Everyone was ecstatic to see me. Pretty sure it was just because they were tired of doing my job. Yeah I know it was. I had a generic birthday card signed by everyone and a stale brownie. mmmm Carla!!! I love my card thank you.

Today mom is driving from the mountains to take me to a movie and lunch in celebration of my birthday. We are going to go see the Star Wars movie.  I get to pick where we will eat lunch. I think I will google what is available.

do be kind to those you meet.

does not want to be in headline news


I was the ironic tourist yesterday. as we strolled into IKEA while sipping a latte from Starbucks. We had traveled by all the iconic  symbols of the city of green. So fun. I did get to go to an asian market. It smelled of fish and not in a good way. I decided right then and there my super power if I could choose one; the ability to understand and speak all languages. Better than turning invisible at a whim.

No shaving, undercuts or colors of any sort. I had the nice gentleman hairdresser lop off 4 inches and that is that. I am quite stunning because I also bought a big ass gaudy fake diamond ring. I am set for the new year. We continue to sparkle.

Today? We are meeting a friend from high school who lives in the same neck of the woods as my hosts. Jodi graduated with me. I have fond memories and felt the need to sit and gab. Maybe pastries. After that? Bailey’s salt caramel cheese cake martinis, mmmmm. Watching the game and ordering pizza, there could be cake.

Drive careful there are people out there driving chemically imbalanced. Love to you all.

just your everyday dumb ass!


I should not be let out of the house on my own. Yesterday I made it to the Boise International Airport and made my way to the parking lot. Where I found that I did not want to pay some 21.55 a day or theres about.  I backed up and in stead of making my way around again. NO! I just headed in the wrong direction to the less expensive lot. I kinda threw everyone who was coming towards me in a loop. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! HIGH POWER BEAMS AND HORNS HONKING!!!! Sweet jesus. I did do something smart though, I had removed the three 75 pound cement bags that are wrapped in trash bags and duct tape from the back of my truck. Yeah, didn’t want to be escorted off the plane for that.

I checked my bag in for $25 dollars. Yeah one little roll along. But seeing that I am but a delicate flower, I paid the fee. I made my way down to the gate and waited. I was early so I got to watch a lot of people. I also watched the staff reschedule people because of ice rain in Spokane. Which meant my flight would be full. Then??? They started offering baggage check for free. So I asked for and got a refund. patting myself on the back.

DOGS! Its been awhile since the last time I flew. And I don’t remember even seeing the trained drug dogs that walk thru. Nope we had all types of breeds on leashes waiting to board. I unfortunately got the nursery flight. LOTS of children. Who got treats. I would have liked some gummy worms and crackers.

Today? We are going to get our hair done. Its my birthday present from Carla. Not sure what we plan on doing after that.

yule tide greetings


look for the union label


I have been training my lead to do my job all this week. She used to do it but it had been many tasks and days ago. So I am giving her a refresher. I also sent her an email with a step by step ‘how I do my job’ list. I did everything but draw pictures. Then I enjoyed my first Wednesday off. Thursday I log on to see how the work que looks and started checking the referrals that she put in. She had taken care of about 10 referrals and did not follow any of my steps. I then spent considerable time updating phone numbers, addresses, and insurances. She even noted on 3 that she could not reach the patient. I looked at the referral and??? She could have gotten that urgent patient scheduled had she updated the damn phone number. Did I say anything to her? No. She is the type of person who says sorry at the drop of a hat. If I vent about something just to blow off steam, she says sorry. Um you are not the cause of the kerfluffle, let me vent! Sorry she says, dear god. Pretty sure I have heard enough of the ineffectual ‘sorry’. You ever notice how some people expect a pass once they utter sorry? Yeah I hate that, sorry.

I raked in quite a bit from my ‘hang your stocking at your desk’ idea. I got loads of candy, ornaments, lotion, pocket knife (contraband? probably) and a gift card to a make up place from the doctors. Ultra something or other. I stopped at Wally Worlds neighborhood market on my way home. I purchased 2 rings of shrimp and stuff to make a fruit salad for Christmas dinner in Letha. I also bought fixin’s for chicken soup for the weekend.

HEADLIGHTS!!! I can’t say this enough. You are a douche if you see oncoming traffic and have your brights on and I don’t give a damn how far they are from you. DOUCHE NOZZLE!!! Dim them what the hell is wrong with you? I don’t flick my lights at people, nope. I call them a douche and go on my way. Then there are the tools who always have their fog lights on. Seriously? Not impressed. Then last but not least? Halogen headlights. They should be made illegal. Is there a law on how bright headlights can be? I have gone so far as to purchase amber glasses to wear why driving after the sun has gone down. They work wonderfully when I have them on. Most of the time they are in reach when needed. I put them on and look with disdain at the oncoming vehicle that has tried to ruin my leisurely drive home. douche

My secret santa from delivered big time. I received a pair of gardening gloves, a Seattle Seahawks dog collar for Cola and a giant tennis ball for the dogs. I haven’t heard from my recipient from Haymarket VA. So I am going to assume he is a pretentious snot that was never taught to say thank you. Oh I tracked my package and it was delivered.  I look down my nose at him.

We donated money and a bunch of items to a group of foster children in Payette county for Christmas this year. I guess there a couple of kids that are living in a car. How is that allowed? Makes me sad.

Merry Merry, stay safe.