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bad decision

If you ever have a long dental appointment where several teeth are due to be chipped down to little stubs? You should take a xanax. Yeah I slept thru 2 hours of mind/butt numbing torture. Woke up to when they were fitting my temporary bridge. I guess I needed the rest.  Bless mom for taking me. Maybe I should have given her one as well. Besides being at the dentist I also find waiting in the waiting room to be painful as well.  We went to the Black Bear diner where I ordered breakfast. It seems to me that any item on the breakfast menu will not cause damage to your teeth. Everything is soft. Not necessarily, I broke a corner off my bridge with the first bite. I was told to let them know if it ever breaks. I did not. I continued with my breakfast. I drank hot coffee and cold water. I (in my vast experience) decided that no harm has been done and I am going back next Friday afternoon for a casting for my new bridge. They couldn’t do it this time because my gums were all swollen and angry.

I paid off my student loan this month. I got the bill or the notice that I had a bill online. I decided to visit. I knew the balance was around 65 dollars and they always deducted  50 bucks. So I went in to see about paying the 15 or whatever. They had set it to three equal payments of 20 something dollars. What? NO!!! geez. So I called and got a computer automated voice who said the 20 something was basically set in stone but I could make an additional payment. I made a payment of $45. ha and take that. Oh they did. I went back online about 3 days later to find that the balance was divided into 2 payments of the remaining amount. I then poked around in the site and saw where I could stop the automatic deductions, and I did. I then went back to the area where I could make a payment. I then paid off the entire amount. ta freaking da.

My truck loan went up 5 dollars. what?? So I visited them to find out what extra fee I was needing to pay. Found out that entire amount is the last payment on my truck. hooray! Now? Now I am working on being as debt free as possible.

My next step when reaching my goal of no debt is to make an appointment at the social security office. I need some answers to some very important questions. Oh I investigated the website and then called but all I got was ‘you need to make an appointment’. I don’t want to retire, I just want to find out which of the three of us made the most money. I really hope it is Ron. And I hope he finds out. He swore to me that I would NEVER get any of his retirement. jerk. I just want to be able to plan my future if just for a little bit.  And poke that hornet’s nest with a big old stick.


this won’t hurt a bit


Went to the dentist this morning. Mom stopped by and picked me up to drive early to Boise. I don’t usually have anyone take me to the dentist. But today I was going to sitting in the chair with the doctor grinding my teeth into little posts for a bridge. The process was to take two hours of me sitting in a chair. I didn’t like the sound of that so I took a xanax with me. I am glad that I did because I had a lovely nap. Mom says the process was over 2 and 1/2 hours. However long it was I now have a temp bridge that I already knocked a corner off.

Yeah so I am now calling patients to cancel and possibly schedule with the doctors who are still here. Our long awaited provider pulled his application. He was tired of the drama and didn’t want a bad mark against him.  We are letting patients know that they can go back to their primary care provider or we can refer to another who may or may not have an available spot on the calendar for them.

I stopped at Hobby Lobby to see if I could find a ‘motivational photo” to hang at my new work station.  Its framed with a white back ground, the saying; IN A WORLD WHERE YOU CAN BE ANYTHING, BE KIND. Those letters are in pink. it’s quite lovely and a big plus; its motivational. go me.

I am sitting here snoozing off and on, think I will wonder back to my bedroom to make my end of the day finished.

bad luck


You know how companies change things when you aren’t looking? I decided to do a little investigating on our mileage reimbursement rules. Aw geez didn’t we kind of put this to bed a couple years ago? Well yes and go back and read the first sentence. I contacted the policy and procedures department on how to locate the rules. They gave me 3 direct ways to find them on our intranet. I found them and read them…nothing changed. Life goes on and several weeks go by. The company E news letter comes out and there is a section from the ERM department on offering help with filling out the mileage reimbursement forms.*light bulb goes on in my head* I will email them for clarification on where the mileage starts when you have to work in an outlying clinic. So I send off an email and go on with my boring little life doing my boring little job.

Midmorning, an email or two has arrived. An answer from the ERM dept. stating the mileage starts from the clinic home not the home you live at and perhaps I should go over this with my manager. AND…  they cc’d the manager.  Who sent me a butt hurt email telling me that I should come to her with questions. fuck. So I went to her and said that I had and I still disagree. I didn’t however intend to hurt her feelings or try to get her in trouble. All I wanted was clarification on a rule that as far as I could see had not changed. She has bigger fish  than me to worry about so she (I will assume) will let this slide. Besides I didn’t do anything but ask a question. At this point it is a moot topic as word has it? The credentialing department is not credentialing our doctor. Not sure why but he must have ground down really hard on some important toes as he left a couple years back.

I say gather up your toys and go on to the next place because you burned some bridges here. Which kind of puts my other issue on a back burner. The last gal they hired was working as a surgery scheduler for the last 4 years in Meridian. So she pretty much knows what she is doing. Me? I am told I would schedule for the fella that can’t seem to catch a break with the credentialing department then once our female provider steps in I will go with her. Now I am watching all this and wondering why they don’t put the new gal with the beleaguered physician. Doesn’t make sense. But I am not running this show. Why isn’t the female doctor starting sooner? She went and got herself pregnant, sheesh!

Stay tuned to next week when we find that our heroine has been tied to the train tracks.

check please

shit happens

I know its summer and people take time off then go do stuff. But the neighbor one street over has a radio that has been playing for most of last week. I would hate that someone had collapsed and no one has checked up on him. I think I will give it one more day. Perhaps two. Don’t want the authority busting in when they don’t need too.  nosy neighbor. You should be so lucky. Speaking of neighbors. Mcmillan’s were putting in a new pump for their irrigation system, which unfortunately was right next to invisible neighbor’s shop. They are digging away with assorted equipment as I drive up from work. Invisible neighbor not so unnoticeable is setting a step stool by the fence with something in his hand. So I stop to watch as he climbs up and hangs over the top of the fence. what the bloody hell. I watch for awhile but lose interest because if I want to hear I would have to walk over to listen and I am not that interested. About 20 minutes later here is Mary fit to be tied knocking on my door. Seems that george (invisible neighbor) was taking pictures of their project. Yelling that they were putting in some kind of sewage system. Gonna get proof and turn them in. Yesterday I notice that Mary’s husband or son put up a huge section of plywood with ‘NICE TRY’ spray painted across. Sort of blocks the view. They had to put one up across from his shop window because he would stand and watch them in their pool. geez I don’t even need to turn on the television.

Today I am going to go mechanic on my bike and see if I can’t get it running. Put some gas in it and fill up tires. Take her for a turn around the block maybe two. I was going to drain the gas but I don’t want to destroy the copper tubing. As we all know? She could run on kerosene.  I was going to do all this yesterday once I got home from my hair appointment but I took a nap. A long nap.




So sue me, I don’t go to home parties where they sell shit and gossip.  But evidently I have been missing out and big. This here utensil is a hamburger chopper. Like in tear the shit out of the teflon of your fry pan to make spaghetti chopper. Oh chopper where have you been all my life??? I saw it out there a couple of times but this last time I spied it on a cooking video and decided I had a need for it. You too can own one for 6.95? I forget but it was pennies compared to time I save beating the crap out of meat and pan.  Bless amazon’s little heart as they just about have anything you might desire.

I have decided I am not a fan of national holidays in the middle of the week. Threw me off kilter and am still not sure what day it is. But I pretty much got to not be at work most of the week. Which I found that I really like and it involves naps.

I had to rent Independence Day. Had to. In fact I think it should run 24 hours on some dank channel not unlike the christmas story (which I absolutely hate) I think it’s Ralphie’s little brother snorting like a pig at the dinner table. Totally missed out on the epic nathan’s hot dog eating contest this year. But I did catch the live feed that AKC was putting on for the national obedience championship this last week.  Brought back fond memories and the realization that I couldn’t remember a damn thing about the rules or the names of the titles. poor old woman. Of course it was more than 30 years ago or less. What that time did was let me work with my dogs and that can’t be bad at all.

Tomorrow I am off to get my hair trimmed then back to home where I will no doubt find something to do to while away my hours until dusk.

yes do help yourself to a beer.


i would like fries with that


I have a new project. Well actually it is just recording someone else’s projects. I am forever going on about mom and her quilts. I can’t drag everyone up to the house to see her art but what I can do is record it. With her permission I am going to take a video of her home and her walls. To show her art quilts to everyone. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. Kinda like my ‘back yard oasis’ diary. Which as I remember, I have to make the next installment sometime this week.

Yesterday after a hearty lunch of noodles, meat and vegies. We went shopping. First stop was the Tractor Supply store because mom had never been. I ended up buying a dewalt drill bit set and a couple of different types of pliers. Honest to goodness I know I had a set or two. But when you have a young man in the house who likes to rearrange things…probably find everything today. Replacements do that.  Then we headed up to main street to the hen house. I bought a tin sign for the garage (40% off) and a ceiling fan pull. I was looking for a little sign, something inspirational to hang at my desk. I have a hook and it needs filling. Didn’t find one.

I looked at my calendar for the month and I have every Saturday filled. Maybe I can talk the boss into letting me have my 4 tens back.

Today? I am going to out to Rich and Cathy’s for a bbq. Bringing salads, tomato and lettuce.  It will be fun as it always is. The kids? Jen is busy with Sam and Justin will probably stay home and watch whatever sport is on.

happy birthday America

middle of the week?


I have taken a low census day. She wanted me to head home 1/2 way through the day yesterday and I said no. No I want a whole day. I said it was a waste of my time and money to come to work all this way, then get sent home. Poor planning on your part does not mean something. So I got today off and the neat thing is I don’t have to go back to Caldwell until Friday. I work at the Emmett clinic on Thursday morning then come home. ta da!!!

Here is why older women have hair on their chins. Poor eye sight. Dang I can feel those suckers but they got to be invisible. Then finally I catch sight of one, one I had never felt. The damn thing is like a 1/2 inch long. I finally gave everyone at work permission to let me know if they see a hair on my chin. They all said no problem but wanted the same back from me. Me the practically blind woman. sure no prob bro.

I have invited mom down from the hills today for lunch at the Mongolian Grill. I am glad I don’t have a peanut allergy. I think I would fit in fine down south as I eat a handful of boiled peanuts. We will then go check out a few stores on main street. Living the dream. Here’s the deal. You come visit and I will take you to lunch and a short tour of any store that happens to be open. Someone is opening a store on main for gently used items. They are looking for donations and probably volunteers. I believe it is a church run deal. I think there is a need as the Youth Ranch had left town. There was a survey on facebook from the town fathers on what we the citizens of the great valley of plenty would like to see as businesses coming in. Almost to the man ‘walmart superstore’. Yeah we can’t get smallish stores in here due to our population. I wonder what makes them think a walmart would drop into our laps. I would like to see a clothing store/home decor like a Gordman’s. Oh no wait…I shop online. Nevermind.

I went to the doctor and had all these tests run. Got prescriptions filled and am back to what I would call normal. And that was with NOT taking any of the meds I bought. I guess this old body took all that as a warning to get my ducks in a row. Yeah and take that!

Could someone explain to me why when some days I forget a word in a paragraph, it won’t let me add. All it will do is replace the next letter which just screws everything up. Then today I forgot a few adjectives and it allowed me to add. What witch craft is this?

Well I better set the trash to the road.