upsie daisie


I was getting ready to take the 2 little 4 legged monsters to the vet. I had put off taking them in for their ‘wellness check’ since August of possibly last year. I forget. But I could not get anymore sedatives for miss zsazsa and she looked like Tramp from Petticoat Junction. DING DONG!!! Who? Someone at the door. Amazon had processed my television order a week early. hooray. I opened the door as the ups man scampered away. Really? Shouldn’t you make sure this high dollar item has a human?

So after much ‘direction from the young man of the house. I attached the bracket THAT I PUT TOGETHER!!!!Pretty much in the same sturdy holes of the previous resident. I had put the little tv in my bedroom where it was initially supposed to go in the first freaking place. Justin did clear out the junk from the bottom of the wall. And took the sound bar down, after that he played ‘director’. shut up shut up shut up.  Look at me. I am using a socket and a level at the same time. Yeah using the correct tools and all that. We gently lifted the massive billboard television to its new home. Now it was the young man’s turn. He spent the rest of the afternoon setting the controls from his smartphone. Not sure but when he goes out I am stuck because that is the remote. what? Yeah it came with this minuscule remote that powers it on and i think you can adjust the volume.

Well I am off to the office. Hope miss thang has gotten over herself. I do know she has applied at the new hospital in Nampa. She better behave because they don’t open until October.

oh technology…


Please excuse the purloined stock photo(in potato quality). I am one happy puppy!!! I have spent the last 2 and a half hours setting up my new laptop. A real keyboard with a delete button. 10 key feature. I didn’t know I needed it until I didn’t have it. I know right? I cannot stress enough, if you are even a little computer literate? DO NOT CONSIDER BUYING A CHROME NOTEBOOK.  Just don’t. Waste o’ money. Well unless you want a lappy for your 10 year old nephew. Who is forever getting in and changing the settings, the little shit! It is like a big fat techy play pen. Oh and if you do happen to get this for your lucky prepubescent child, get ’em a signed up for an AOL account. That will keep him safe.

Boy oh boy were things tense yesterday at work. Never so glad to be asked to sit in the back to check out people in my life. Geez. Our demoted gal came back to work, harboring ill will and a snappy attitude. I asked if she knew what her new duties were. We are good friends and it breaks my heart to see her go through this, but? Peoples got to learn, right? She was snotty to people on the phone and just sat. Halfway through the morning I went to the manager because I had asked woebegone girl if she knew what her new duties were. She said no. So I cornered the boss. I reported my finding like a dutiful stool pigeon. I told boss I did not want to get sad girl in trouble. I wanted her to be ‘retold’ what she was to do in her new position. Manager agreed, said she might have not even heard during the meeting what all she was supposed to do. So bosslady took sad girl in the office. They went over again why she was pulled back from Nampa and what her new duties were to be. Things settled down after that and I got to be the checkout ninja for the rest of the day. cheese and crackers it is hard working under baby management. Could you read a freaking book on supervising????

And how is my married boy friend? After going for months possibly years of angina. Multiple tests saying ‘why is he in here, the healthy scamp?” The cardiologist ordered a nuclear test of some kind. Well our fuzzy man has a blockage, gonna add some hardware or just something to open the flow and ease the pains. Family life? Daughter still in jail and so far no court date set. Occasionally gets glimpses of wife, evidently they reside in a fairly huge house. Zillow says it is worth over 800 thousands dollars. Yeah I checked. And his sixteen year old son stays in his room gaming when not at school. Love the average ‘Merican family. Not sure when the cardiology festivities starts, so keep him in your happy thoughts.

Back the massive computer on my lap. When I type the keys light up. I have an app where I can just talk to a gal asking questions and such. Kinda creepy but at least I don’t have to feed her.




the only caveat


This week I will be working in the Nampa clinic on Tuesday. This will be the last day that demoted girl works at that location. Should be a day of tenseness and bitching. Lovely. I think I will take a sack lunch and a fan. All the comforts of home. yep I will only work in Nampa 2x a month and only if doctor has a full day. If it is a half day with 6 or less patients I work in Caldwell. So many rules. AND? I will only work in Nampa the opposite week I work in Emmett. geez. Could we just get ONE person to work in freaking Nampa. And leave me the hell out of this experiment in team work theory. It is not working with random people every which where. But now I don’t mind working in Nampa because of promoted girl. She is quite fun and has the same work ethic as me. She sees something needs to be done? And does it.

Yesterday I got to watch the highlights of Dennis Gage’s show on his trip to Emmett’s Show and Shine. It looked hot and dry with shiny chrome everywhere. Did not see anyone I know but; it was only like 2 minutes at the most.

For the last 2 months my laptop has been freezing and shutting down at random times. So? I ordered a new one, not the same brand. Well the same brand just not the same operating system. If you ever think about getting a Chromebook notebook/laptop? Don’t. They are constrictive to the point that if what ever app or non google program you are wanting to use… you will find it is NOT COMPATIBLE!!! Nope everything has to be compatible to google chrome. The young man had also bought a chromebook. He bought a wireless printer and couldn’t use it. His chromebook started freezing and shutting down as well and ended up buying a different laptop last month. Every app I wanted to use had to come from googles apps, most of the apps did not do what I wanted it for  or I couldn’t find it at all. Chromebook bad plus? There is no delete button. You don’t know how much you need one when you don’t have one.

So this years tax refund was spent on electronics. Yeah I considered getting a new power drill and replacing the exhaust fan in the bathroom but new electronics!!!! come on.

it continues


Pretty sure this is my spirit animal. Lots of hushed closed door meetings the other day. People coming and going. I try to pay attention but I am just too busy doing my job. I don’t have time for this nonsense. We are here for the patients, focus! Yesterday morning my manager comes in and tells me what has been happening. It may effect me in some manner. Seems that in the meeting the nampa ringleader had her job taken away. No she wasn’t fired. She was demoted back to check in, new patient que and faxes. The gal that did those tasks has been promoted to checkout/surgery scheduler for nampa with a lovely raise. I don’t know if demoted girl got a pay cut. Demoted girl had had a bad attitude since her friend the prescription writing MA was fired. And it was getting worse to the point where she wasn’t listening to her doctor and pissing him off. Word of advice? NEVER piss off your doctor. Don’t do it. And just how does this effect me? Demoted girl will be working with me, when I am there. Her ability to correctly schedule new patients will effect me. She had taken yesterday and Monday off to be with her kids because of birthdays, so she has a couple days to think things over. We do not know if she is coming back to work. I guess we will find out Tuesday.  My manager has put in a request for a new employee just in case. what a dilemma. Oh! Why wasn’t I offered the nampa position? Manager said they discussed this and decided they moved me around enough. Nope just keep me doing what I am doing. Keep me happy. Thank you.

Today? Taco soup, banana nut bread, stop at the bank, and clean.

Oh bank people…doing your job. I had decided with part of my tax refund I was going to purchase a Vizio smart tv, a bigger one. Put my little one in my room. The boy was paying half. He finally deposited money in the account and I went online to buy the TV of my choosing. I filled out the order and after a wait, no more TVs of this kind in stock. dammit. Switch and bait much? So I decided on a different more expensive TV (of course). Filled out the online form and my card was declined 3x. WHAT THE HELL? I got on the phone to call my bank. While I was calling them, they were calling me. It was the fraud department letting me know there was suspicious activity with my card. I thanked them for being diligent but it was just me trying to buy a television. Then I took stock of my situation and decided Walmart did not need my business. I would go to Amazon where I found the TV that I originally wanted for a little less. Thanks Wells Fargo!!! The television will arrive sometime next week.

oh the drama


Evidently our Nampa staff has the habit of turning the ringers off on their phones. AND! Got caught. Our newest staff member did not know how to turn the ringer up and asked the Lead. The poopies hit the fan. Oh my. A scathing email went out to the front desk people that this was not to be done.  I will take bets on how long the ringleader over there will last. Manager has had enough.

Yesterday I polished up the little teardrop that holds Rocky’s ashes and wore him to work. He always did something special on Valentine’s day even if it was just a card. I miss you sweetheart.

Today I am off to the big city to attend a class on our work ques. Hopefully I will get my questions answered. Then? Smashburger. Oh yes. Gotta have a burger.

that was cool


In the Messenger it said that there are roads blocked in my fair little county; MUDSLIDE!!!!!. So I hopped on maps to see if this effected me. Nope but then I ‘drove’ my road to hiway 44 and then to old hiway 30 because that’s the way I go. I ‘drive’ to my building and see that my little red truck is in the parking lot. surreal? Yeah then it occurred to me that they finally updated maps to show the building I work in. For the last 3 years people would call up complaining that they would google the address and all it would show was a weed filled lot. The internet is sometimes pretty slow.

Yesterday was brisk but sunny. I went out and started cleaning up almost 4 months of dog leavings. Thankfully 99% was frozen, which also took rocks when I did get things pried loose. I could barely move the trash can once done. I need to go out front today and clean up after the deer and neighbor dogs. Frozen good.

Then I think I will take a drive to check the condition of the river. In case I need to be nervous. I have lived here since 92 and have yet to purchase flood insurance. I even checked the last time I refinanced…do I need flood insurance.?!? The bureaucrat  looked over the records and said no. I asked, are you sure? Definitely she replied. Have you seen where my home is located? No she said. Ok then.

This coming week, I will have a class in Boise on claim edit ques. So that will mean overtime and mileage. Then I have the Emmett clinic with the Lead. hooray. 😦 I got paid this Friday and the amount was suspicious; but in a good way. Ya see when I got my raise I only got part of it. huh? Y’all said 6% and this is 3%, I was none too happy. And I put a bug in manager’s ear. Don’t be promising something you can’t deliver. Well she delivered, yeah! Plus I had almost 2 hours overtime. This coming paycheck I will probably have close to 10 hours overtime. its only money. SAVE IT! yeah if only I could. Bills, bills, bills. Its the reason to get up in the morning.

The roast turned out great and there are leftovers. But? I have a hankering for some spaghetti. Its good to have choices.

working for the man


This week I was asked to swap days off with our new girl because she needed to stay home with her sick kids. So I worked Wednesday with a planned 3 day weekend. Yeah no. I got a text at 6am yesterday asking me to come in because the new girl with the sick kids was now sick herself. Not really having anything planned I rushed around the house getting myself and my lunch ready. I still got to work before everyone. My manager came in and was not to happy with new girl. New girl texted manager at 3am with her dilemma. Woke her and her husband up. I should start a pool on the longevity of new girl. I like working Fridays. Low patient and staff count. Don’t really have to put up with very much except phones.

The manager was curious as to the amount of calls we were getting. I didn’t know I just knew it was a lot and most of the calls were coming in on Tuesdays for some reason. IT keeps track of all calls. Incoming, outgoing, in clinic. I had been asking since day one. Its not a big secret. Looks like we get about 1000 to 1200 calls a month. And? The highest amount is on Tuesdays, I told you. geez What does this mean? How can this be fixed? Can’t but the calls can be shared. Manager is having the phones ring in the Nampa office now too. Which is nice if they would just freaking pickup the damn phone. I would bet dollars to donuts that they have turned the ringers off on all phones. I will take my winnings in small bills. thanks

The manager came out with this rule. Lock up phones at all times during your shift. If you are found with your phone out; you will get a verbal warning. Next? You will get written up. I don’t use my phone but occasionally I had it on the charger so I can use it on the way home. Can’t do that anymore. And really  I never saw anyone using their phone so I don’t know what the hubbub is all about. BUT?!? I do not like being threatened. It pisses me off. The main concern for most people is how will the schools get a hold of them. Um give them your work number, duh!!! But whine whine boo freaking hoo, they won’t call the work number. Um bullshit! Personally? Give them the manager’s number. That would be funny. I just figured out why I like my Wednesdays off, because answering the phone all day on Tuesday is such a drain. yep

Today? Since I can now see the ground in my backyard? I am going out to clean it up. Put on my muck boots and get to cleaning. I have a roast in the crockpot and laundry going. I am a whirlwind of activity.